What ever happened to "self-deportation"?

Many times in debates on immigration those on the left promote the notion of self-deportation as one of the reasons that we don’t need a wall because they simply leave when there’s no work. But now the Left wants to give them free money:

That’s 40 million dollars better spent on America.


Now that’s just crazy talk. Why would invader leave when some states are writing them checks for $15,600?


Quote of leftist(s) arguing for 'self-deportation"?

I guess the next thing Democrats will do is advertise to the whole world “get here illegally and get all the free money you want.”

How do you know that those people who would receive those funds do not have jobs? And what do you think that they would do with that money? Pay rent perhaps? Pay for food? Would that not be helpful to those who are landlords and shop owners?

I can find this lefty:

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ACU 77% Romney?

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How much did we get all together?

Yep. The same guy.

Obama was very successful at getting immigrants to leave by tanking the economy. Biden is working on a similar program.

Establishing a fascist dictatorship with severely limited civil rights may help too.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get no $15k. You @SixFoot ?

No habla inglés. :rofl:

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Yo tampoco pues

Me either then

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I’m gonna go hang out in Jersey for a while. lol


Obama tanked the economy? Thanks for the laugh.

This was a Romney thing. Are y’all coming totally unglued or what.

I distinctly remember about halfway through the article, it was mentioned these undocumented and not getting relief had paid into unemployment funds.

Might it be assumed they did work some sort of job since that was stated? I personally don’t put much stock into the term “undocumented”.

I’ve known numerous individuals who went through the procedure to become lawful permanent residents and it was a wait for that Green Card to make it to them. Some may be in legal proceedings.