What does "Drain the Swamp" Mean?

A few weeks ago, Trump’s fans here joined in a discussion of the 400% increase in registered lobbyists not violating the promise to “drain the swamp.”

Today’s New York Times is reporting the Treasury Secretary Minuchin deliberately bent the Administration’s own rules for Enterprise Zones to enable Minuchin’s friend Michael Milkin to benefit from this extraordinarily generous tax break. For those of you who remember the 80’s – yes that Michael Milken, the corrupt junk bond king who is under a lifetime ban from securities trading.

Corrupt insider influence. Does not sound like draining the swamp to me. So I have two questions. Is this acceptable? And if it is, what action would actually meet the definition of “draining the swamp”?


It’s a metaphor for ridding Washington of Libruls.


Michael Milken went to college with my dad. I think they might have been in a fraternity together.

The junk bond guy? The guy they based Gordon Gekko on?

And replacing them with a different brand of swamp creatures.

Any day now, I expect Martin Shkreli to get executive clemnecy and get a post in the Trump admin.

What it means to me is that many professionals in sections of government that are to be above politics and serve “we the people” have chosen sides and take actions to promote their side. These people are the swamp and need to be removed.

I think that captures the way Trump has approached this. What it leaves undrained is the widespread self dealing and corruption on all sides, and I find that omission disappointing.

Politicians come and go but I’m discussing life-long professionals. They are complicit in what you are pointing out. They must go first so that the crimes you’re speaking of, become less protected from public scrutiny IMO.

Are any of the long term professionals you are concerned about on the conservative side of the ledger?

I don’t know but I could care less which side benefits…it’s that they broke their oath of office.

“I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

When one considers the depth and breadth of the corruption in the current administration, the way it is being carried out appears to be a political purge.

Will this claim be the new Russian collusion hoax? I told you 3 years ago, what we were all seeing at the top levels of institutions that were designed to be non-political but that they’d been corrupted. Now…FINALLY…Barr has appointed Durham to investigate this and this is your response? What lies ahead IMO is both bad…and good…for our country…but it’s critically necessary.

Three years ago, US intelligence concluded that the Russian government intervened to elect President Trump and Vladimir Putin told President Trump (in Helsinki) that there had been no Russian interference. Trump decided to accept Putin’s version and all his followers have followed his lead. The Mueller investigation confirmed the Russian intervention and pointed out the ways the Trump campaign worked with it, although they concluded that the Trump campaign did not collaborate to design the intervention.

An effort to get rid fo the American intelligence officers who disagreed with Vladimir Putin smacks of a political purge.

So I’ll start by rejecting your notion of a “Russian collusion hoax” because in my experience it is not in America’s interest to align with Russian dictators.

Six months ago, Trump said he would disclose the actual FISA documents to expose the corruption, but he has done so. Does his reticence in that lead you to question anything or is it full speed ahead?

We saw the Italian government response to Barr and Dunham’s inquiries about Professor Mifsud. Does that lead you to question anything or is it full speed ahead?

Russian interference to elect Donald Trump has been well established by solid evidence. Conspiracy theories tend to melt when exposed to sunshine.

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Trump Man Good.

It’s everyone else that is bad.

Makes sense, right?

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Emphasis mine. Speaks volumes, because if you truly cared about lifelong swamp creatures you wouldn’t be unsure. You would not only acknowledge the fact but you’d know exactly who they are

Trump himself is the ultimate swamp dweller. His whole campaign is insulting in this way. He was born into the swamp, a self-serving, entitled taker. The “swamp” as Trump calls it has only grown with his administration.

But we can see from the discussion here, that “drain the swamp” has nothing to do with eliminating corruption and everything to do with eliminating those who are perceived to be in the way of Donald Trump.

First…Trump is a pompous, loud mouthed man who at times discredits the honor of the office of the President. Ok? Can we get that out of the way? The difference is I’m not seeing criminal behavior.

Second, have you ever witnessed a President being treated in the manner he has? If you only consider one thing, consider the Russian collusion hoax? To perpetuate this, an entire framework united and exposed their political bias that are supposed to be neutral. This includes the media that labels themselves news. This really is a bad time when my fellow Americans are this far off of reality. As more and more of what I believe I’m seeing gets exposed, I don’t know how my fellow countrymen are going to handle it? When I consider it, it scares me.

I’m not privy but…if I were King? :sunglasses: