What do you view as the reasons why the public masks mandates were ostensibly not very effective?

A lot of people didn’t wear masks.

They were an economic disaster that’s taking trillions of dollars to bail out from, that will now be laid on the backs of babies that haven’t even been born yet.


Yep. California should have been an oasis of health with all the shutdowns and mask laws.


Both demonstrate effectiveness from getting the virus. In theory proper mask protocols and practices can be highly effective from spreading the virus. Vaccinated people have been infected as well.

The numbers from CA and TX were virtually identical as I noted before.


10k was the last number I saw.

The numbers from NY and FL were virtually identical as well.


I would argue that it has more to do with wearing old used masks than not wearing masks.

…and touching their faces…over and over and over, rearranging it and placing it back over their nose…
…me being on of them. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

i like to use data to show they are useless. unless you are in surgery, or can’t get more than inches away from other people’s face:

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Overall, the percentage of people wearing masks in Texas and California were nearly identical. 86% versus 90% in October 2020. Mandates don’t matter. How many people actually wore masks does. Compare mask wearing rates and new cases per population.

How do you draw that conclusion?

Masks aren’t nearly as effective as vaccines.

You can’t really compare FL, where people can be outside all year round, to a state dominated by the largest city in the US.

A better comparison in NY to NY before and after mitigation was put in place.

Operator dependent mitigations require engagement, not coercion.

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They aren’t as effective as distancing.


this statement is not entirely accurate, following the disease progression shows that case counts rose and fell at certain plateau’s of infection. did we all forget the regional outbreaks early on that bought on 45 days to stop the spread? cases were falling, then rose again, leveled off and fell again, before again plateauing for a bit then rising again. this is the natural progression of covid spread. every time it plateaued or started dropping government types sought to credit the actions we were taking, even though the same pattern emerged whether or not any action was taken.


Viruses are spread by touching infected people and then touching your mucus membranes.

That’s why at first they said masks were useless. Then it became a virtue signal.

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What about droplets from one’s mouth when speaking ? you don’t have to physically touch to be infected.

The messaging from the CDC and others was not good. What the medical establishment didn’t take into account is that we are a nation of toddlers. If you mandate that people do not stick their fingers into electrical sockets a good percentage of them would do it just to show that they won’t be told what to do.