What do you view as the main reason for the surge in worldwide Coronavirus case counts?

No, they couldn’t. Could China have kept it in China? Could China not have lied about it?

I certainly think they lied about it. They lie and manipulate all information as it suits them. Including internally.

I’m only a lay person but I doubt this could have been contained. Perhaps at the very very beginning with full action.

So imagining a world court adjudicating the claim against China I am thinking they get out of the 100% responsible judgement and get a punitive bad behavior judgement instead.

China also cut us off from PPE and sold us garbage.

Nobody is going to “ajudicate” China.

It was an just allegory to frame the question of how fully they were responsible.

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I think people are adapting to it and I think a lot of people aren’t buying this “Trump killed 200k” thing. Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows it’s ridiculous.

They know the media blew it up.

The climate change hoax isn’t going to fly either.


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Autumn. Second wave was expected.

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People who believe one conspiracy theory are more likely to embrace others.

If the sheep reference is to highlight New Zealand’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic; you are certainly correct the world would be in a far better position now.

Turns out it was Borat.

Both NZ and Australia have responded well and effectively to spikes of COVID-19.

Trump’s plan isn’t working. It’s time for a new plan.

I’m not sure we can be ,mad at China for not selling us coronavirus supplies.

Coronavirus: Netherlands recalls ‘defective’ masks bought from China. Hundreds of thousands of masks sent to Dutch hospitals have been recalled after tests showed they failed to protect the face or had defective filters. The Netherlands recently bought 1.3 million masks from China.Mar 29, 2020

The Spanish government has withdrawn 58,000 Chinese-made coronavirus testing kits from use after it emerged that they had an accurate detection rate of just 30%.

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Our new cases are off the charts. 905,000 total cases, most in the country.

We have 121,194 active cases. #8 in the country.

What does the science data tell us?

Storm. Teacup.

since 85% 0f those who get the virus do wear masks, thats pretty much a certainty.

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Spinning Covid claims is the only hope the globalusts have of making Trump look bad. I’m expecting worldwide alarm over Covid to make international media headlines with increasing intensity heading up to the US election day.

Are the safety measures not as effective as people say?

The wet markets, which have been opened again, are also potential sources for zoonotic virus transmissions.

Knowing this and still allowing wet markets to exist is highly irresponsible, not to mention the horrific animal cruelty.

This article is from 2006

Summary: In Chinese wet-markets, unique epicenters for transmission of potential viral pathogens, new genes may be acquired or existing genes modified through various mechanisms such as genetic reassortment, recombination and mutation. The wet-markets, at closer proximity to humans, with high viral burden or strains of higher transmission efficiency, facilitate transmission of the viruses to humans.

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