What do you think of my brilliant debate idea?

No matter which network is hosting the debate. Have three moderators. One selected by the network, one selected by the DNC and one selected by the RNC. And have new ones for every debate.

Great idea?

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That’s OK…I would really like them to automatically cut the mic when time is up.


That’s actually not bad either. I would love to see the looks on their faces when that happens. :relaxed:

I would do one selected by each candidate instead of DNC/RNC

Why not go with 3 randomly selected registered voters?

That might work too. I would eliminate politicians and family members from consideration. But it could still turn into a debacle. I would not want the moderator to feel indebted to the candidate. If the party did it, he would not be quite as directly connected to the candidate. My idea may be a little less complicated.

Because you could get three Biden supporters or three Trump supporters. Once again. It could turn into a debacle. I don’t think there are many random voters with the expertise and knowledge of a Brett Baier. I like my idea. Use three professionals. But make it fair.

Yes I see what you’re saying. Of course if I were the candidate, I’d pick a moderator perceived as someone hostile to/with opposite views of me. That’d be part of my strategy. Picking someone who asks you softball questions may backfire .

Here’s the way I see it. If FOX news does not get a debate, all of the debates will be tilted towards Biden. All of them. Even if FOX does get one, two of three will be tilted towards Biden. Each debate covers different topics. We need to have both sides represented in ALL debates. This idea will at least provide that opportunity. FOX at least tries to act impartial with their debate questions. CNN, NBC and the rest don’t even bother to fake it anymore. Giving full support to the DNC.

One thing that I have noticed about the debates is that the commentators who are asking the questions are separate. One will ask questions about foreign policy and the next about domestic policy and the third about taxes and spending. So how would they decide who gets what questions?

How the hell does one tilt a debate? Both candidates get the same questions and each gets the same amount of time to answer. In my many years of watching debates I never thought that the network or moderators were trying to tilt it to one candidate or the other.

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I don’t see how moderation by committee is going to work.

Just get both sides to agree to a list of potential moderators and don’t even let the moderator to be chosen by lottery know it’s going to be “Them” until 12 hours prior to the start of the debate.

What did you think about then CNN political commentator Donna Brazille supplying HRC debate questions in advanced?

Shock collar would make for better tv.

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Personally I think candidates should not be allowed to leave the stage once the debate starts and there should be real time fact checking and every time a candidate lies they have to take a shot.

Could be a real hoot.


You really don’t know? :man_shrugging:
If I explain, would you understand?

Can FOX news be the fact checker? :yum:

It’s waaaay different now. On the past they never admitted to being in the tank for one candidate. Now they do. They no longer have to pretend to be fair. The CNN moderator will be about as fair as Shifty Schiff.

One of multiple? Sure.

Biden should be fact checked just like Trump.

The problem with fact checkers is, they have all chosen sides. They are all political. Which means they cannot be trusted.