What do You Think About a De Santis / Carol Swain Ticket instead of Trump?

Personally I’d like to see that. I think they would win & run the country well.

They will be trashed worse that Trump, but anyone who runs against a Democrat will anyway. So who would you like to see run?

What do you think of a DeSantis/Carol Swain ticket rather than Trump?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Trump
  • Other, will explain

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I like Carol Swain because she is intelligent & not a regular politician.


I like De Santis also intelligent & because he has a great track record & I trust him to follow through with the conservative agenda.

Carol Swain is an interesting choice.

Probably never happen though. They tend to pick politicians.

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I LIKE her. I think she has a lot to bring to the table.

I don’t disagree, but DeSantis would never pick her. He would need a high profile politician.

HE IS the high profile Politician.

He doesn’t need another.

Okay, well I hope you get your wish.

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Thank you very much!

IMHO DeSantis blew his Covid response. He got himself into a position that he can’t get out of. So he had to double down, and it looked really stupid. The whole cut off funding for teachers and school districts over masks is a horrible position politically. In his defense he did do a good job with the building collapse. He did his job and said and did the right things.

Male politician?

Maybe. They like to pick politicians that can attract people to the ticket.

The OP’s pick is a lawyer, professor, and pundit without a natural electorate

I still like Desantis over Trump. Next cycle needs youth.

I do not know Carol Swain…I do know Marsha Blackburn and would pick her instead.

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I would prefer De Santis over Trump in that he has more control and hopefully won’t get into tweeting matches with Hollywood stars etc. Also, this obsessing on the last election may hurt with some voters.
That said, I don’t think Trump has been barn storming and building up points in the Republican Party in order to help De Santis out.
I would support either over anything I would expect the Democrats to put up.


Carol Swain?

Who is she?


How about Pence / Swain?

Please. DeSantis has overseen a death count higher than his margin of victory in Florida. He was never that popular, and now he is nationally known as the guy snipe hunting ‘Marxists’ instead of keeping his own base alive long enough to get him another win.

His is the stank of failure.


Excellent point about obsessing over the 2020 election. It is about the only thing Trump that pushes me away from supporting him.

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Desantis is Freedom and American values first…against all odds.

He is a smart feller too.


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Trump wants Ivanka. He will get Noem. Write off Covid Ron now. He is done.

Not by a long shot. You underestimate Desantis…this is good.

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