What do you mean there are consequences to my actions?

Just about weekly now in the news, politicians are decriminalizing bad behavior. Example California you can shop lift – as long as it’s under a certain amount – and nothing happens. Break the law and don’t have money for bail – no problem we will release you no problem. You commit a crime and want to get away – get in a car and run from the police – many agencies won’t chase you any more.

That leads to people like this instigram lady:

At the superbowl, she jumps a wall and tries to run onto the field.

“I had so much adrenaline going that I don’t even remember being tackled. My thoughts were just ‘Damn they got me,’” Kelly recalled. “It did hurt and I have bruises from everything afterward.”

She thought she’d get away with it.

Green said what she didn’t expect from the stunt was that she would be detained and questioned by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

“I’m like, Is this even real?” she said. “You hear about the FBI but you never think that the FBI is going to be interrogating you and they’re just reeling me with questions, [saying] if you cooperate maybe you won’t go to jail, because at first, I wasn’t talking to them at all.”

I can’t believe they were upset! I didn’t want to talk to them until I realized it was real!

“I was in a bathing suit in this holding cell sitting on the concrete floor. For eight hours they held me there. I was not processed. I wasn’t arrested. I was just detained,” Green said.

“I was like can I please have a jacket? I’m freezing. I need medical assistance. I’m literally going to faint [because] I’m so cold.

I can’t believe they put me in a cell!! And I was cold – I needed medical attention because I was COLD!

Green said she was eventually transferred to the Dade County jail where she was processed and booked for trespassing. She faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

With all the camera’s witnesses and such. I hope she gets the full year, I hope she lets people know after she’s released that if you do stupid things, you have to pay the piper.


An entire year in prison for running onto a field? Wow🤦‍♂️

That’s an unfounded leap of logic. People have been running onto fields much longer than California has had these policies. What motivated people in previous decades?

Car chases endanger the public. Chasing someone down the highway at 100 miles an hour for a petty crime is stupid.

A year in jail for simply running onto the field is preposterous. These guys, though, should still be in jail:

Stupid should hurt.

We’re abandoning that principle in this society.

From a quote in the OP:

Maybe that’s good enough. A good beatdown for something like this.

Of course, it wasn’t too long ago that we had a thread about a coach who clotheslined a kid who did the same thing at a high school football game. “Oh, he shouldn’t have done that. Too extreme…”

Stupid should hurt. When enough people start seeing that we will allow stupid to hurt, maybe people will stop deciding to take such stupid risks. Of course, if they aren’t swayed by the pain of others’ stupidity, … well then … stupid will hurt for them too.

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Putting people away for a year for stuff like this is a waste of money.

It’s not a deterrent, and she’s not likely to cause much trouble. Prison in this case is more likely to turn her into a criminal than prevent crime.

She’s gained 100,000 more followers since the arrest.

I don’t know what that means as far as money for an “Instagram Influencer.”

That “job” would probably be hard to do in jail.

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That’s incorrect and at odds with existing research.

I disagree.

Putting her in county lockup/jail for a year could install a lesson in her tiny little brain.

“It could” is the enemy of rationality. There’s a wealth of research indicating why this is a bad idea.

Read and inform yourself, or advocate for bad decisions based on gut feeling.

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Will she learn a better lesson by:

A) Oh were sorry you did this, here just go free and continue what you normally do.

B) What you did was wrong. You will spend some time locked up, your followers will not see any posts from you. You will have a record.

Lesson B will teach her the most.

The answer already exists - certainty of being caught is far more a deterrent than severity of punishment.

You don’t want to read or learn anything new - that’s fine - continue on.

Just be aware you’re arguing from feelings and unearned intuition versus evidence.

Prisons should only be for violent criminals, sad that people think locking people up who are not a danger to others is a good idea…

Getting caught is not a deterant if you don’t have any consiquences. I’m sorry but it’s a fact.

Next person who is thinking of rushing a field, or a stage or what not. They look at this young lady.

Oh – most I’ll do is a little questioning, spend a little time in an on site holding cell – no big deal . . . I’m going to do it.
Oh ■■■■ – she got caught and had to do 3 months to a year in the county lockup/prison. I can’t do that!



There are other punishments.

Because Superbowl streaking is such a big problem we need to clamp down hard on.

Incredibly sad

Again - the way you think the mind works is not how it works. Since the link with the research wasn’t to your liking, perhaps a listen will be better for your learning style.

She should have extorted a foreign power to investigate a political rival. Would have gotten more attention and it’s not even a crime! :+1:


Why is no one asking the most important question - did she stand for the anthem?