What do you call a male Karen?

I was amazed by this article of a 60 year old freaking about cheese. I think the world has gone mad. I see it during my daily commute and at other times. What do we call male Karens?

"Have you seen a man in his 60s have a full temper tantrum because we don’t have the expensive imported cheese he wants?” said the employee, Anna Luna, who described the mood at the store, in Minnesota, as “angry, confused and fearful…You’re at someone and thinking, ‘I don’t think this is about the cheese.’”

A Kyle. Although that more refers to a guy who punches holes in the wall and drinks Monster and beats his wife/girlfriend.

Honestly I have seen more immaturity from people in their early 60’s, especially with men (no offense to men in their 60’s). Is it a generational thing?

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I am not sure Kyle Rittenhouse would agree with you, Flame

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Words like selfish and immature come to mind. I don’t really see names of people in the incidents.


i think also a “Karen” but maybe “Ken”?

or “soy cuk leftist idiot”

anymore…what’s the difference

ps relying on filters no bypass intended


It’s Ken.


i knew it! not sure why but i knew it. thank you


It’s Chad.

Everyone flipping out is proof positive that COVID-19 should have been handled in a free market sort of manner. Should the average Joe decide he didn’t want to do everything or anything from eating out to going on a cruise, no one would have forced him and the businesses would have either adapted or gone bellyup.

Anything government touches, though—for example through designations like “essential” and “inessential” workers and forced shutdowns—goes to hell in a bucket.

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Age discrimination.

This behavior is not just 60s men it is everybody.


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I have seen a lot of good men in their 60’s too.

You’re right in that being an ■■■■■■■ does not discriminate. Although I wonder if COVID has something to do about it- people being restricted from what they’ve lived as normal (younger people all their lives), even if it’s something they agree is necessary, one can’t help but feel put out by all the changes. Might make someone more “touchy” as a response?

A Donald…:grin:

Orange Man, Bad.


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That is good.

That’s already used to refer to alpha males: Chad (slang) - Wikipedia