What do you believe were the biggest takeaways from the results in Iowa?

Assuming the current vote tallies hold up, what do you believe were the biggest takeaways, if any, from the results?

I’m not sure who will be the eventual candidate, but for me it strengthened my view that it won’t be Joe Biden.

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Well according to fivethirtyeight it looks like Biden has sunk bad, Sanders will win it all, and the candidate “No One” is firmly in second place.


We all know that’s a placeholder for Hillary.


Sounds about right

Die Russans must really be pissed at Biden, they rigged the voting so Mayor Pete and Comrade Sanders got the votes?

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Well their still giving Biden a better chance than Buttigieg and Warren.

The ticket is very split

Biden is fading.

I learned that caucus are stupid.

They’re about as competent the app that failed!

Some of the chatter I was hearing was that they Warren at minimum to take some of Bernie vote so that there is no chance he can run away with it.

I learned that there are some serious homophobes out there.

It looks like 25 percent will be a winning hand for the foreseeable future.

Biggest take away. It’s time to get conservative operatives inside Bernie and Buttigag campaigns…and make flights to Russia and China while they’re on said campaign.

Afterwards bring that to attention of FBI, CIA and NSA so Trump can get surveillance on there campaign and possible insurance options if worst case comes to light.

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Warren is sabotaging Sanders campaign. She’s playing spoiler. She may be secretly working with Biden…but I suspect she’s now selling out/offering her services to Gaylord.

My takeaway is it proves the Dems and the DNC are inept and incompetent!

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Never trust democrats to run an election.

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Ha Pete hasn’t faced the “blue gay wall” in South Carolina yet, will see if the democrats call them out on it but I highly doubt a word will be said.

Who is gaylord? Not sure Warren and Sanders voters are interchangeable.

Pete’s viable.

It’s debatable from what I can see she seems to get the more educated voters or at least the way they have been reporting it while he pulls more young people and lower wage earners. But they are both progressives running on very similar policies it would make sense if one was gone the other would be the biggest benefactor of the other leaving. Although from what I have seen on twitter the Bernie or Bust crowd is as big as ever.