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Some of these are really educational. Video is a key element in understanding the context of these events.

We need hard laws requiring body cams and that they be treated as evidence. Failing to turn them on or tampering should be considered evidence of guilt by the officer.

The narrator missed one item when grading the state.

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No thoughts?

Something seems to be missing?

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That was infuriating, but as I expect, CC is going to be the law of the land, and we will see more of this.

So with that in mind, I agree. Body cams need to stay on.

As far as what they missed: was it trolling the neighborhood to give him a punitive ticket?

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Two things, the cops were needlessly being jackasses. The first neighbor should have spoken to her neighbor before taking something off their porch. The other neighbor should have spoken to the first before calling the cops and accusing her of stealing. Oh and the narrator is right, the lady accused of stealing shouldn’t have been detained for as long as she was or at all for that matter. The matter could have been avoided if people treated each other like people. So like, 5 things…


Be my surmise. I would have fired them for that alone. It’s chicken crap.

This is BS by the patrol officers. He was open carrying. He never threatened anyone, nor did he ever make any motion to draw the weapon. And both officers lost their bearing, challenging the individual for no reason.

“Officer Safety!”

Could they be conditioned to respond that way to an armed citizen?

Some officers may view it through that lens, but it isn’t in line with the law. Carrying does not equate to criminal. And he didn’t initiate anything, the officers did. Here in Texas, as you know, it is constitutional carry, and it was LTC for a long time, with plenty of people carrying. I don’t get shocked or concerned when I see open carry. I always carry concealed, but inform an officer I am carrying if we have to interact. Never really had an issue. I also don’t get why the officers go so quickly to detaining someone in cuffs before getting the story of what happened.

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Depending on the situation, I can see detaining someone until claims from eyewitnesses are rebutted. But she was at home, so not sure why they’d detain her first then question her. It’s not like she’s running anywhere if she really did take it.

Challenging the guy OCing was just an attempt to establish control/dominance. The whole call had blown up, and they were having trouble explaining the circumstances, so they took the opportunity to redirect and put them on the defense. The people who reported the theft no longer cared about the package.

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The more we witness police interactions, the more disillusioned we will be of law enforcement.

That is a good thing.

They hold so much power but accept so little responsibility that a sea change has to occur before there is an intense, violent backlash.


Most police interactions don’t turn south or get out of hand. Don’t wish for an overreaction on either side.

Please. We have a ways to go to get back to “reasonable”. “Over reaction” would probably just balance the scales quicker.

Feel free to be the first to initiate one of these “scale balancing” over reactions with an armed officer, with his body cam on and recording.

That’s a cop out. This is about right and wrong.

You are entirely correct. However, the impetus to know the law and to conduct a proper on the spot investigation and to maintain civility in the face of misunderstandings between participants lies entirely on the officers. In this case, their ignorance, their egos and their machismo could have easily escalated into a serious situation and possible death had not the man kept his cool while being harassed by those two idiots. I hope this video shows up in their personnel files.

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Although a lot of the 1st Amendment audit videos are cringe worthy, they do show that a lot of law enforcement has an unearned sense of superiority and needs to be taken down several notches.