What do non-boat owners make of these boat parades supporting Trump?

Seems like these public processions on waterway’s throughout America are suddenly gaining tremendous popularity.

I even heard the POTUS proclaim he thought the the one in Clearwater, Florida this past weekend might of broke the previous Guinness World Record from Malaysia Day in September 2014 which consisted back then of 1,180 boats.

For me, who for one does not own a boat, sees no issue in others taking to their favorite lakes, rivers, bays and oceans to safely show their support for any political candidate of their choosing.

How about everyone else?

P.S. Here attached the Los Angeles Times doing an op-ed on boat parades who are supporting Trump.

This is what successful people do when they have spare time. Notice, they aren’t looting. They aren’t yelling at the sky. They aren’t threatening violence…and all is peaceful. This is indicative of those that support our country, strive for success and support the will of the people…our elected President.


I don’t think that a public show of support from Billionaires For Trump will effect much. Their contributions will have an effect. But a big public show of support by parading the toys of the rich won’t help him much in the swing states.


So you’re basically saying the vast majority of people born poor have very little chance of obtaining said toys?

Yeah…the “great lake state” of Michigan doesn’t like boats…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Hey, it’s their money to waste, and you only live once. I say if they want to waste their money, let them.

The procession was underwhelming to say the least.

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The secret is, buy used…in the winter…at a repo sale…from a bank. :sunglasses:

I wish you would adhere to your advice. :sunglasses:


The setting was not spectacular.

Meh, a boat isn’t really something I’d buy even if I had the money. I’m just not on the water enough to justify the purchase (new or used). I can rent or charter when I need to.

But to each his own

Well…so much for that…but it was good for the couple seconds it lasted. :sunglasses:

Here is an article from Northville, New York a small town of about 1,000 people on Great Sacandage Lake doing their own version on July 4th of a Trump parade with an estimated 800-1,000 boats participating. In it, Gabe Enders, owner of Sky Lark photography, shot aerial photos from a 1940’s piper cub airplane and quote included there were boats of various sizes there. In addition, he added:

“…It was the most increbile thing I’ve seen on the Lake.”

They have spare time because they’re blue collar schmoes laid off due to Trump’s failure dealing with COVID.

I personally think the Fox host who said it was like the Spanish Armada was both hysterical and on the nose. Fox News host compares Trump boat parade to the Spanish Armada — there’s only one problem - MarketWatch

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From the clips I already saw on tweeter looked pretty awesome. They also say a world record might of been broken here too.

Here is another report on it…

Remember when having ice cream in the freezer was tone deaf? Boat parades during an eviction crisis probably won’t have a lot of appeal.

Here is great interview if you want to hear from of Trump’s boat supporters. Language warning. Trump’s Boat Rally - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse | The Daily Social Distancing Show - YouTube

Boat parade?


Hillary is gonna win…amirite? Oh…same polls, wrong election. :sunglasses:

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