What do animal rights activists and libertarians have in common?

They are both targets of the FBI’s War on Terror:

The U.S. Intelligence Community, Flouting Laws, is Increasingly Involving Itself in Domestic Politics - Glenn Greenwald (substack.com)

Democrats are pushing through legislation to further expand anti-terrorism laws at the federal level. At the state level an Ag Gag law is already being used to prosecute animal rights activist who documented the killing of hundreds of surplus pigs by overheating from a lack of ventilation:

At the same time the FBI continues to use Stasi-style tactics to harass people who only “crime” appears to be that they used their first amendment rights of freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom to petition for redress of grievances:

This comes after the last two decades where the FBI has been using operatives and informants to entrap and setup Muslims in FBI-inspired terrorism plots:


Meanwhile the FBI only recently quietly admitted that the 2017 shooting by a former Sanders campaign worker targeting Republican members of Congress really was an act of terrorism and not “suicide by cop”.

Is the new War on Terror simply an excuse to target perceived political opponents who do not follow the party line from the FBI?

What is next? Another Waco? Drone attacks against political rallies?


Told you all…I’m a bad bad man.

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Yes, an evil libertarian with “anti-government and anti-authority sentiment”.

Will the FBI follow Maryland’s lead and start pre-dawn SWAT team raids against libertarians?

Maryland police mistakenly identified a gun in libertarian’s posting as an illegal weapon and ended up killing him in raid:

I assume Stasi-style is okay.


Considering that the Stasi and Antifa both operated by German Stalinists, Stati-style is arguably more accurate.

Which of those yellow categories (I’m assuming you want us to look at the yellow-highlighted categories) do you believe describe libertarians?

“ideological agendas derived from anti-government or anti-authority sentiment”

That sounds like a textbook description of libertarians.

Of course they use the term “violent extremists”, but they tore the house apart in their raid of the old guy in the NY Post article looking for evidence of alleged “violent extremism”.

On the other hand, the FBI did not use that term for the gunman who almost killed Congressman Scalise. He was apparently radicalized based on false media reports pushed by the FBI about alleged collusion between Russia and Republicans. No violent extremist there!


I’d read that entire description, actually.

I don’t think it’s describing who you think it’s describing.

An appreciation of free-range chickens.

Realize that the Patriot Act was supposedly targeting Islamic terrorists. The same laws are now being used to surveille the entire population, and the FBI appears to be targeting Americans based on their politics.

Anything that makes the swamp creatures inside the Beltway nervous is by definition violent extremism.

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Correction…Beltway extremist. :wink:

And I suppose when the Patriot Act was signed you can show you had posts making your concerns as to how it could be abusedknown?

And can document them?

Yep I remember all those concerns of conservatives being voiced when that thing was rammed through following 9/11.

At any rate they are describing anarchists, not libertarians.

Libertarians are not anti-capitalism.

And… Libertarians don’t believe there are any racial or economic hierarchies.

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The reality is that the more power we government the more they will abuse it.