What deals has trump made?

Im curious as to what deals trump has made since being president?
I mean outside of the ZTE deal thats shady as ■■■■ and looks like Congress might squash.
I mean he has signed a tax bill, but that wasnt his work, and he has signed quite a few EO’s killing off what obama has done.
Judges arent deals either…

So what has he done in the way of deals?

Korea doesnt count yet because nothing has happened, just a meeting. Thats not a deal

Hey, don’t sell the guy short. He’s gotten bribes in exchange for policy favors from way more countries than just China. Even did a deal the other way around when Ukraine refused to cooperate with Mueller in exchange for a weapons sale.

a pee tape for the presidency…;p

oh im not selling him short…well yes i am


He just gave international recognition to a tin-pot dictator. The deal he will work out with him will be the bigliest!

He cut a deal for himself where the US Government pays his private organization for his weekend golf outings. Mind you he hasn’t divest from his private business, so he’s openly profiting from his official position. Go ahead Trump lovers, tell me I’m wrong.

Don’t forget all the corporations and foreign governments with matters before the US government paying big bucks to Trump’s DC hotel!

Good question.

Trump has made zero international agreement as President.

Senate is gonna block his zte deal and tie it to a defense bill…hmmmm

Trump should start making deals, at least to boost sales in The Art of the Deal.

He rented a floor in Trump tower to the Secret Service.