WHAT CRISIS? Berkeley, CA Ignores Homeless Crisis, Bans ‘Gender-Specific’ Terms from City

Originally published at: WHAT CRISIS? Berkeley, CA Ignores Homeless Crisis, Bans ‘Gender-Specific’ Terms from City | Sean Hannity

Far-left utopia Berkeley, California continued to ignore the region’s escalating homeless crisis this week; instead opting to ban “gender-specific” words -like ‘manhole’- from the city code.

“Berkeley City Council has unanimously voted to eliminate gender-specific words from its municipal code,” reports Fox San Francisco. “The vote was on Tuesday and the idea was introduced by 23-year-old city council member Rigel Robinson.”

The changes include: ‘Manpower’ to ‘Human Effort,’ ‘Brother’ to ‘Sibling,’ ‘Manhole’ to ‘Maintenance hole,’ and ‘Sportsman’ to ‘Hunter.’

“Language has power. The words we use are important,” Robinson said. “It’s not only timely, but necessary to make sure that our laws really speak for everyone.”

“If it makes the city happy I guess they can go ahead. They can change it to maintenance hole. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt anybody,” said one resident.

“No. Uh…I think it would remain the same. Why change it?” asked another. “I think they’ve gone too far. The reason why they’re gender separated is because they are gender separated. Fraternities are male and sororities are female.”

Some of the changes include the word, "manhole" that will now be "maintenance hole." https://t.co/uesmrK0zNB

— KTVU (@KTVU) July 18, 2019

In a similar move, San Francisco became the first city in the US to ban the sale of E-Cigarettes last week; making it illegal for vendors to sell any product that vaporizes nicotine.

BREAKING: San Francisco has banned the sale of Juuls and other e-cigarettes, becoming the first U.S. city to do so https://t.co/IRENFT5GBV pic.twitter.com/wpKMYahkqM

— Bloomberg (@business) June 25, 2019

“The city voted Tuesday to ban sales of e-cigarettes, making it illegal to sell nicotine vaporizer products in stores or for online retailers to ship the goods to San Francisco addresses. The ban will be the first of its kind to go into effect in the U.S. The ordinance will now go to the mayor to sign into law. Cigarettes and other tobacco products will remain legal in the city, along with recreational marijuana,” reports Bloomberg.

“This is groundbreaking legislation that shows local governments are prepared to step up,” [City Attorney Dennis Herrera] said. “What you will see in the aftermath of this legislation is other jurisdictions looking at what they might be prepared to do to protect their young people.”

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