WHAT CHANGED? Schumer Says ‘Illegal Immigration Wrong,’ Praises ‘Border Fence’… in 2009 | Sean Hannity

Senate Minority Leader and anti-Trump crusader Chuck Schumer continued to slam the President’s proposal for border security this week; conveniently ignoring his tough-talk about illegal immigration less than ten years ago.

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The democrats are simply going out of their minds obstructing the President, they will implode. I would love to see the communists of the CA govt kill themselves as well.

Poor old chuckie boy. He is becoming senile like so many other “moss backs” in congress. He can’t remember what he had for breakfast anymore. He thinks none of we Deplorables can read or remember, just like him - LOSER.

So all the problem is because President Trump wants the same thing and agreed with Schummer of 9 years ago. Now President Trump is immoral, a bigot, and not an American. The President needs to run this video over and over again to show the American people just how ridiculous the democrats are. All because it’s what President Trump wants to do, now they oppose it and have done a complete 180 degree turn on the subject.