What caravan? The troops are coming home

The troops are going home. Another big waste of money by the Orange Doofus.

Did we win the Battle of Tijuana Heights? How many of our brave soldiers died fighting on the banks of the Rio Grande against the Invading Horde of MS-13 Terrorists? WHY IS THE MEDIA NOT REPORTING ON THE BORDER WAR?


Is this a victory? Or surrender?

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I’m glad the troops will be home for Christmas. It’s a shame that many will miss Thanksgiving with their families.

My sentiments as well.

Add this political clown show to the ever-growing list of how Trump shows contempt for the military.

Americans knew Trump’s feelings towards the military before they elected him. This isn’t new, so lets not try to act surprised.

Dearest Mother

The throngs are growing on the banks. I’m the fading light I can see them bustling from tent to tent, the enlarged bellies of the women a testament to their mission once they reach American soil. I saw a child of 8 pick up a rock - I could not see well in the fading light, but I assume he was covered in gang tattoos.

I fear the dawn. This may be my last letter.

Sincerely, George


It’s like Vietnam all over again…

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If our troops won’t protect our border from invasion then who will?

Um, the thousands of ICE and Border Patrol (among others) agents whose job it is to do so? Just spitballin’ here…

Plenty of Americans ignorantly believed that he was very pro-military because of his selection of Generals to key administration positions, claiming to have fixed the VA, and claiming he secured more funding than anyone else before for the military. Proof positive how easily some people are conned. Actions speak louder than words, so to speak.

Not good enough. I want tanks.

Perhaps some of the troops Trump sent were Masters of Chaos.

It would seem the residents of Tijuana are nationalists. “First our poor; First our people!” These are protests against the caravanS.

Are these Mexican citizens racists? White supremacists?

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Were there exemptions for bone spurs?

Do you think nationalism is exclusively white?

That’s what I have been led to believe. Are they racist? Because if that was a bunch of white males in MAGA hats I know what this forum would look like.

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Did you serve?

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You shouldn’t open the door to this being fair game.

The troops were deployed before the election. They’ll be redeploying after the election but before the caravan actually arrives. Anyone want to still argue that they weren’t being used as political pawns by the administration?


surely military members can figure this guy out, right?