What Are Your Artistic Interests?

Moving to our own place last year returned some creative interests I had lost for awhile. Started out by crocheting some potholders for the kitchen and some thread drinking coasters.

Saw the pencil by numbers featured in the new avatar on www.michaels.com and thought that looked fun to do. Added some of my own ideas to the design and finished this morning.

Am coloring a poster now & would like to take up paint by numbers and learn some basic sketching.

What are your creative interests, whether visual or performing?

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Singing (basso).

Distilling spirits.

Oil painting.


Marital arts.


There is a company (forget the name) that will allow you to send them a photograph (it can be a file) and they will make up a paint-by-numbers kit so you can paint a picture of your photo. I’ve ordered from them in the past as gifts and the recipients loved them. They will allow you to pick from three skill levels, basic, intermediate and professional (which is very detailed.) The kit includes all of the painting materials that you’ll need.

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I have been practicing the marital arts for ten years - wife says I am still a yellow belt :smile:


I have no artistic talent.

However, I do like classical music, Rococo art and furniture, classical art, furniture and architecture. I like simplicity of design.


Some people sing some songs I’ve written (nothing bigtime yet) and I’m in the process of publishing my first children’s picture book. I am very confident I will be writing full time within two years, possibly less.


Sounds like fun.
I tried oil painting back in the 80s. It was fun but made a mess of the small bedroom I was doing it in.

When I saw your name in the thread, I thought I was going to find out what sort of art things one of our forum’s most respected poster likes to do.

Didn’t expect such a blunt answer.


Not a great deal of artistic talent in my extended family. My brother played the tuba and sousaphone in the high school marching band, that is pretty much about it as the arts go in my family.

I do enjoy the arts as a consumer, just don’t have any talent to produce anything artistic.

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I’m a photographer


I also have no artistic talent.

But I will admit I like those Adult Coloring books.


I have heard oil paints are difficult to get off surfaces and clothing they stain.

If I try painting it will probably be with acrylic or water paints.

Once dried, those make permanent stains too lol. Just wear old tshirts or whatever that don’t matter. :slight_smile:

Super cool. What spirits do you distill? Whiskey?

It’s essentially everclear (185-190 proof), but very rum-like. Still, I cut it with distilled water (to 110 proof) and oak it for a year or two (longest has been 3 years) and it’s a really popular whiskey among those with whom I share it.

I also cut some of it to 120 proof and spice it, and I end up with a really nice spiced rum.

Music is my outlet. My primary instrument is piano, I particularly love Beethoven. I pick a little banjo and just started last week trying to learn trumpet from you tube. Avoid my house for awhile, unless you like obnoxious noise…


These sites have some paintings that look like fun should you decide to return to it:




There’s always Amazon to find various projects & art supplies.

Oh, that’s kind of cool - the masterpiece by number… Some of them are not very realistic, but I like that they do the custom kit. I can draw a little, but not people or animals, and it would be nice to have a “painting” of our most recent departed dogs. Not sure if this is the picture I’d use, but something with both of them in it.


I love cooking and baking.

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