What Are You Listening To?

One of my top 5 faves!

Here’s something I just discovered:

Moctar is amazing.

That is incredible.

It reminded me a little of “Ofege” if there was a category titled 70’s Nigerian Afrobeat Psychodelica they would be it.

This song I love because they blatantly rip off Dear Mr Fantasy and make it their own

That’s really cool. What I get is a sort of Reggae Badfinger…

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And because I did a search for Ofege on Youtube… the algorithm suggested this and it is going to be my summer jam.

ignore the first the 15 seconds of the song… but it is becoming one of my favorites.

Some Cordell Jackson

Vert nice, I listened to it all and really enjoyed it.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0aZSo0Vsvs

This sounds like something Moctar would play. And to think we had this here in this in country all along for all these years. Surf rules!

Dick Dale is great and sadly overlooked. I wish more people knew about him

Surf Guitar is such an epic sound.

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I grew up right across the river from NYC listening to Motown in my parent’s tavern.

Still listen to it today.

Nothing like the sight of a fat, bald, old white guy pumping “Parliament” out the windows of a big honkin’ pickup truck.

Foster the People - Torches album.

My primary deployment album of 2011. This is true combat music.

Guinney Pepper - Lick The Chalice

Because it’s a beautiful, cloudy, rainy Missouri morning.