What Are You Listening To?


Can’t get this one out of my head since hearing it while shopping at Walmart a few days ago.

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These guys still get that videos are worth making! (even if you don’t understand what the hell is going on)

Not my usual genre - but love this song and video…

Love this song.

“Regardless of warning, the future doesn’t scare me at all.”

The Who and one of the best songs ever. I was at this show.

I can only dream of letting loose like this. It seems like a good dance song.

Rofl I saw that movie and although I was a tike in the 80’s they nailed that video.

You just can’t go wrong with Queen, mom introduced me to them in the car and I have loved them ever since, still to me the greatest rock song ever written.

For the guitar fans out there.

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Bought the Complete ‘71 Fillmore East recordings. I treasure those shows. Probably the best group of live shows by any single band ever. Highly recommend them.

Have always enjoyed Zappa’s kind of conversational improv playing. For me there’s so many nuggets of notes to discover. I’ll sonically analyze bits of this solo like it was the Zapruder footage.

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Whenever I am feeling a little down, this song makes me happy… which is weird because it isn’t a happy song at all.