What are you learning?

I’m trying to do a directed education via YouTube.

Lots of documentaries on there.

I’ve chosen History of Music as the first topic I want to learn about. Watching a documentary and then a symphony each day. Most of the symphonies (Brahms, Bethoven, etc) don’t do it for me. Give me Hans Zimmer’s or Murray Gold or John Williams movie soundtracks any day of the week.

But I watch the actual musicians while they play and that’s pretty interesting, and some of the conductors are a hoot, like Gustavo Dudamel - especially his Dvorkak’s ninth symphony. (

Electronic Theater Controls is making free the training of a lighting console that I have been using for over a decade… so I guess it is about time I get formally trained to use the thing.

I stumbled across a video on YouTube where a guy created an AI program to defeat the Chrome dinosaur game with Jprocessing. It inspired me to learn how to use JavaScript for animation, so I decided to give it a go on Khan Academy. Started sometime in February.

It’s a damn good course and really easy to learn, even for beginners. Seeing the site itself function almost makes me want to build websites again… almost.

Here’s the first animation challenge I had. Wasn’t supposed to do anything but make the sun go up and get bigger, but I’m nit-picky. lol