What Are The Goals of Protests?

Saw a protestor with a sign displaying the names of various black men killed by white police officers in a nearby town. Haven’t many, if not most officers involved, been not only fired, but tried & convicted? Or arrested & are now in the process?

The name of one of those slain, Botham Jean, his brother not only forgave Amber Geyger in court, didn’t he also hug her? What’s the point of bringing up his death now?

At least two of these officers that come to mind are serving time. What do the protestors want? Their heads on a platter?

If change is the goal, what are they advocating? Higher standards in choosing new recruits?

Am not sympathetic to any officer using his or her badge for goals from getting sex (Stephen Rios), to total disregard for human life, and Derek Chauvin I think is the poster man for that.

How is this current awareness campaign going to change the fact that such officers have always existed? Or get a better class of new ones? Or is it seeking to eliminate police altogether?

They don’t know anything other than they’re angry.

Probably to annoy SixFoot.