What are the dangers of coming out of the closet?

He never liked trump, Reagan supported Hillary.


I can’t provide it. Can you? Suicide is not an effective measure of civil rights violations. There are many factors that go into it. Clinical depression being among them. On a personal note. Of the the 10 or 15 gay friends that I have, none of them complain of being bullied.

Do you think Trump supporters should face bullying?

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I stand corrected in this instance.

I trust the investigation on this.

There are numerous other instances where the hat has provoked violence.

Let us know when a Sanders or Clinton or Warren or Biden hat does the same.


It doesn’t matter how many times you post this particular incident, or the hundreds of thousands like it - the blind will not see the simple truth that gays and lesbians enjoy their status as an open, celebrated and protected class whereas Trump supporters risk ridicule, harassment, and outright violence every day merely for a sign, hat, or bumper sticker. It’s little wonder so few people answer the pollsters or interviewers correctly. I’m willing to bet over 80% of Americans love and support Donald, but very few are willing to risk being destroyed for it.

The truth will out this November, when Donald wins by an even more massive landslide than the one he enjoyed in 2016.



Come to Southwest Missouri and see just how absurd this premise truly is. :roll_eyes:


It flourished under Reagan as Gov and as President.

Pete Wilson started the decay. He was terrible and dumb. The left saw a way to take advantage of Pete Wilson and trick him and promised him Community Care, which they said would cut the usual expense by more then 2/3 while creating scam care and let shifty scammers make huge amounts of money. All starting because Wilson would have an unimpeded view from his hilltop house.

Have you done any type of analysis that would definitively prove Trump supporters are harrassed more than any other harrassed group?

Would you know how to do such an analysis?

What I was questioning was the suggestion that being a Trump supporter was more difficult than those who in the LGBTQ community. With respect to Trump supporters being bullied. I would suggest that it is far less consequential than what you imply. Certainly, watching some of Trump’s rallies speak to the likelihood that if you are not a Trump supporter attending a Trump you are far more likely to be the one bullied rather than being the bully.

It’s not an absurd premise at all. Unless of course you want to limit yourself to southwest Missouri. Drive into St. Louis with your Maga hat and Trump sticker. The odds are pretty good that someone will key your car, get in your face or both. You wouldn’t know because conservative do not behave this way.

Sane person: Piranha fish are dangerous if you get in the water.

Trump Hater: Can you prove that?

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People attempting to make a logical argument don’t start with a logically flawed analogy but thanks for playing.

PS We know pirahnas are dangerous because someone did prove it, btw.

Nope. I’m not interested in proving to you that Trump supporters face consequences. We know that we do. We live it every day. We know where we can speak freely and where we cannot. Convincing you of this, is not my priority.


I was just in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago and there were plenty of Trump bumper stickers around. Your premise is nonsensical. Besides, you stated, and I quote…

Anyone will probably have that car vandalized. Absurd is being kind.

We also know radical leftists are dangerous. Somebody proved it and proved it and proved it…

You didn’t simply say “Trump supporters face consequences”.

You made a definitive statement that they were at least as persecuted as, if not moreso, than gays.

You intimated they are so persecuted that a significantly large portion of the 63 million people that voted for Donald Trump have to hide their support for him even three years later

Nice attempt at shifting the goalposts though so you can once again come on and make a declarative statement and absolve yourself of any responsibility to back it up.

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That’s not what’s being claimed in this thread but thanks for playing.

Well, no. Reagan repealed the majority of the MHSA in 1981, which started the decay.

Do you think that gays and Trump supporters face more harassment, violence and name calling than they should?

I think the fundamental problem with this question and this comparison, is that supporting Trump, or any politician, is a personal decision. Being gay is not a decision. You just are. And then also, if you think you need to keep your support of Trump secret, what does that say about Trump?

Anywho, y’all have fun.

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Answer the question I asked of you first before going on to a new one.

It’s only fair and polite. :sunglasses:

But seriously…no one should be harrassed for who they support politically.

But this wasn’t the claim you were making.