What are the dangers of coming out of the closet?

Coming out as a Trump supporter. I believe that there is a large silent majority sitting quietly, saying nothing because they simply do not want to deal with the consequences of supporting the President. The consequences include, physical bullying, assault, vandalism, de-friending, being disowned by family, ridicule, career damage and many other risks. You see it every day and it’s never happened at this level before. It used to be that we went after the candidate. Now we try to destroy the voter. And in many cases, it is succeeding. I believe that the consequences of coming out as a Trump supporter can be worse than coming out as gay. What are the consequences of supporting one of the democratic crackpots? Nothing. Usually nothing. Conservatives don’t treat people this way.



It’s been three years…that may have worked in 2016…not now.

Dude. Are you paying attention at all? Are you something different?

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Good grief

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You put this in a paragraph that mentioned closeted gays. Hilarious.


Gays rarely get attacked in restaurants, face property damage, theft of personal property or serious consequences at work. When it happens it makes national news. Sorry dude. You need to catch up this isn’t the 1980’s anymore.

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All wrong, and extremely sheltered. Gay kids might not even get to live in their own house.

No, you’re absolutely right - Trump supporters are truly the most persecuted group in America at this point in time. So many have gone underground rather than face the devastating consequences of voicing their convictions. Hopefully there will come a day when they can live openly without fear of reprisals.


We saw this in 2016.

I think we will see this again in 2020. It is a frustrating state of affairs not being able to be honest due mostly to wishing to avoid the potential for an irrational response.

One of the reasons I like being on an anonymous forum.


one day we can wear our MAGA hats without fear of someone coming by and flipping it off our heads but instead saying “nice hat” and they mean it.

They mean it.


Yeah it’s amazing how many young Trump supporters are committing suicide because they feel they have to hide who they are.


We have seen many instances of people being attacked physically for wearing a MAGA hat…even school age children.

This should be as universally condemned as is bigotry against sexual orientation.

It often is not.


Have you not heard the stories of liberal parents disowning their Trump supporting children? Of course you haven’t - the lib mob media never reports that. Supporters are facing a tidal wave of persecution of a magnitude that dwarfs anything any other demographic has faced in history. And it starts at the top - no other POTUS has been treated no meanly, maligned so unfairly, or slandered, smeared, and besmirched to such a degree as Donald.

This holiday season, please light a candle and place it in your window as a sign of solidarity and support for all who suffer like Donald for standing behind him. Not as much as Donald of course, no one has suffered so much as that, but still. Together we shall overcome.


Nah everything is fine.

Donald is working hard to realize that dream. Only in the past three years have people been able to say “Merry Christmas” without coming under attack. The day we can wear out MAGA hats proudly and safely is coming as well.

Anyone who has a Trump sticker on their car will probably have that car vandalized. Anyone who wears a MAGA hat will eventually be confronted by haters. Should I do an internet search?

Do an internet search.

There’s no need. The evidence is obvious to anyone with eyes and a discerning mind.

These are dark days for anyone who supports Donald. All they can do is stay strong until the silent majority rises up as one and declarers “MERRY MAGA!” in a loud and triumphant voice.


I agree.

Overall I am a pretty happy voter and Trump supporter.

I also am cautious about running my mouth in public about it.


If you had a Trump sticker on your car would you worry about that car being keyed?