What are the best questions to ask Struzk if he talks to congress?

First question right away would be : On oct 29th you forwarded a sealed warrant from your FBI email account to your gmail account. The very next day , Oct. 30th , the new york times published a story revealing details of the sealed documents and quoted sources. Did you forward or otherwise reveal that sealed email to anyone?

What the hell is wrong with you?

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Did you want me to quote the page # where this information can be located? I am a tiny bit arrogant , is that what you meant?

Did you watch Wray and Horowitz testify? Very first question they faced was about Combetta and Pagliano.

That’s his question for Strzok.

“What exactly was your ‘insurance policy’ and what exactly was discussed at the meeting about it with Page and McCabe”?

I want to know what conditions that was created within CoJ and FBI that made you think you can get away with this ■■■■■

I get the odd feeling you’d be disappointed in his answer.

Then you must know the answers. Share them.

What part of “I get the odd feeling” did you struggle with?

I don’t know the answer, but I feel fairly certain that the various conspiracy theories cooked up by Trumpsters about the “insurance policy” are unfounded.

Really? Then what was the context and what was the insurance policy?

This pretty much sums up my view:

Which is utterly ridiculous and it doesn’t address his “insurance policy” to keep Trump from getting elected or staying in office beyond impeachment.


So what did Strzok do to keep Trump from getting elected? Seems he failed horribly.

What was his insurance policy then? Did he conspire with Rosenstein later to get him to appoint special counsel?

I love conspiracy theories!

“We’l stop him” goes quite nicely with the insurance policy don’t you think?

I should have put quotation marks.

I thought about it after I posted, but there’s NO EDIT FUNCTION!

Sure does…since they didn’t stop him.

A matching set.

Strzok was involved with the Russia investigation in 2016. Very easy to leak information about that one out, but not a peep.

They sure stopped him!

Oh btw OP, Goodlatte has subpoenaed Strzok for a deposition. So no public testimony, as Strzok has offered. He called the GOP’s bluff, and they chickened out.


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You’re backing a toxic player.