What are some misconceptions about faith?

Perhaps the most wide-spread misconception about faith is that is only a belief with no evidence.

“Faith” means many things to many different people. One person’s “faith” might be rooted in direct/inspired evidence, while another’s in pure hope. Like most philosophical stances, the individual ultimately chooses their own reasons for employing a worldview and labeling it “faith”, “belief”, “hope”, etc. Faith has been described on this board in so many different ways, it doesn’t seem like there is a cohesive/standardized definition. I suspect “wide spread” is more of an indicator of the constant shifting of what the word means, juxtaposed against your own assertion of what you think faith truly is. In other words, faith is probably “misconceived” because it is so poorly defined and used in a normative / generic sense to indicate one’s own limits, hopes, desires, or service to an external force.