What American can learn from the Canadian immigration system

Correct. He paid for his education.

Have you ever been to Pakistan? the average annual income is 420$ dollars.

skilled immigrant are just that educated people coming from countries in which they lived on pennies, my friend paid to have his mother come to Canada she couldn’t believe her house had running water she used to have to walk 3 miles a day to get a jug of water.

What needs to be done? How can it be improved? Have the citizens united to make their country a better place, the one they desire?

Many are leaving violence, instead of defeating it and that…is not the American way. Prosperity has a price but…you have to be willing to pay it, when the installment comes due.

Your country was literally built by people running away.


We need immigration and those are the qualities that a prospering nation needs and I’m all on board for these qualified immigrants.

That literally what the OP is about forcing on skilled educated immigrants.

Zat rite? I’d label it closer to having an adventuresome spirit, willing to challenge life’s uncertainties.

You just told them to stay in their own country and improve it!

Why didn’t those Irish just make Ireland great again instead of coming here?

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All of those Italians?

They should have stayed and made Italy great!!!

Some are fleeing internal problems that they aren’t willing to pay the price of repairing it. Some have prepared themselves educationally for a potential opportunity in another country. One is paying a price and the other is running from paying it. There is a difference in what each brings to a host country.

and this thread is about skill based immigration.
Its very hard to immigrant to Canada.

If you don’t have enough merit point someone need to financially support you they need to prove to the government they can support you.

All of those Puritans… they should have stayed in England… never mind that there would be a huge Civil War in England because of them about fifty years later… but they should have stayed done it sooner!

Funny the news had a immigration lawyer on the TV a few week ago and said Prince Harry wouldn’t have enough points to get in he would need to be financially supported by his wife who would have enough points :smile:

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And you just said educated immigrants are the kind of immigrants we need.

You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Canada has the Republican dream of an immigration system.
outside of select refugees we only take the cream of the corp.

A coin has two sides on it, they each look different and yet, it’s the same coin. It’s just which side you’re looking at.

Canada has one of the strictest visa system.
one of the highest visa rejected rates.
one of the highest immigrant rejection rates.

we have a system American Republican could only dream of having.

…and I wish the Canadians’ success in this. Many countries have not done a good job with immigration and it has moved their country backwards, not forwards.