What American can learn from the Canadian immigration system

both Canada and America love some good immigration but how we do it is quite different Canada doesn’t just let anyone come in and become a resident possible future citizen, we rank applicant based on a point system. do you have a degree in a field looking for employee? points, do you the income to support yourself? points.

the best application are selected and giving express pass, moving them though the system very fast. the rest wait in database an employer can select who they wish to bring in.

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I like it!

IMO The U S should have such a system rather than one which prioritizes family sponsorship.

Skills not in demand, no fluency in a local language, you cannot come—black white yellow brown green or any & everything in between.

We need that. Here.

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If you need an interpreter to function in this country, that should be an automatic fail for a citizenship test, in any country, in my not so humble opinion. But we don’t grant citizenship based on what people bring into the country, rather we award citizenship based on who can afford to pay the fees to acquire it.

Canada also has family based system but to bring in someone you need to prove you can financially support them for a “x” amount of time, but the main system is merit based unless your apply for specialized category.

for one a Canada take in a lot of Refugees but vast majority of those Refugees are financially supported by private citizen funded groups. they will provide housing, and find them employment.

Most immigrant in Canada speak better English then me :smile:
Language is one of the point categories.

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Scary brown people.

…more often immigrate among countries of very peaceful white people, than the other way around.

no more often people immigrate from second, third world countries to the first world for better jobs.

do I really need to explain to why people don’t immigrate to Pakistan?

Can you explain why the people living in Pakistan, don’t fix their country so that they don’t want to leave?

They do Pakistan is a nation of almost 200 million people.

You didn’t answer my question. Why is that?

Why is what?
why do people move half way across the world, because they want the American dream.

Honest question have you ever traveled outside the first world.
even the bottom 1% in America have it better then most of the planet.

One has to fight, for what’s right. Many previous generations gave their lives…fighting…for the peace and prosperity they desired for their loved ones left behind. Prosperity has a cost and the decision must be made personally, whether you’ll pay the price. If the answer is yes, you own the government. If the answer is no, the government owns you.

Who did you fight, you don’t think a kid in India burning trash for metal so he can afford to go to school didn’t fight his.

My father fought in WWII, my brother served in Korea and another brother served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. My family has paid for freedom. Now I am on the front line of our economy and I generate much of the revenue necessary to pay for the equipment needed for those now serving. I put into practice what I post. I very well know the cost of freedom.

and the little kid from India who busted his ass off working to afford an education so he could have a shot at the American dream didn’t pay the cost for freedom.

Why not make the Pakistani dream or the dream in what ever country you live in? Why run away?