What American businesses should learn from Starbucks' racial town hall today

What Starbucks is doing today by closing its doors for a time today and having its employees get educated in race relations is a good thing. They are encouraging dialogue among employees in the course of diversity training. It’s not unlike what I went through in the past with sexual harassment courses from one of my previous employers. It’s also a way to bring the workers together from top level to bottom. Good for them.

I’m sure no one will learn a thing they don’t already know, but boredom and propaganda is often required on the job these days.

Ah altruism. What a wonderful fairy tale.

We had the sexual harassment training at our company as well. It was a complete waste of time for me as I never harassed anyone.

Great PR stunt I suppose.

I have. It worked out pretty good.

So, are they no open all night for the homeless? I’m confused about their policy, now.

Have to ask them. Not a Starbucks patron.

Do they allow people to sleep there overnight now, or do they kick them back onto the streets?

Nothing is about me. I’m at peace with that. :slight_smile:

If they already knew what today’s sessions will provide, the incident that provoked this would never have happened, would it?

Nor I, but the awareness of the issues was a good thing. Especially at this company where there was what I would say was an above percentage of female employees.

Maybe the Trump organization should consider doing it.

They were just following the rules at the time.

The majority of Starbucks aren’t open 24 hours a day.

how is this a PR stunt?

Their rules didn’t allow racial discrimination then or now.

So, they just kick them back unto the streets at “closing” time… So, mean. Where are they suppose to go?

Maybe. On the other hand Obama could have used the Starbucks training. Sharpton too.

I’m wary of anyone who would go to any harassment training and deem it a complete waste of time. This response seems very typical of the kind of person who does harass people. Even if they don’t realize it. But even if you have never harassed anyone(and you do get that harassment is determined by the victim right?) was it not possible to learn how to pick up on when others are being harassed even if you’re not doing it?