What about Georgia's flag?

It’s a virtual copy of the Confederate flag.

Confederate Flag:


Georgia flag:


Somebody’s going to notice sooner or later.

If/when a significant number of people complain about it, something will happen.

However, the “Stars and Bars” does not have the notoriety of the “Southern Cross” so it might be a while in comiing.

I know, but it is a “real” confederate flag and just a battle flag. I bet they are snickering a bit into their hats.

Well with the current desire for a cultural revolution it’s only a matter of time before the flat it’s based off of also makes the chopping block.

This movement is driven by ignorance and emotion, not the facts of history.

Hawaii should be next.

Didn’t we kick the British out of this country, twice?

Why does Hawaii have a loser’s flag as part of its state flag?


If the current design of Georgia’s flag is based on the First National Flag of the Confederacy then it needs to go the way of Mississippi’s.

I agree.

Then our own since this country began with slavery under it’s banner.


What do we replace it with, the “Rainbow Flag” or something similar to the ANC’s flag?

So much frothing over… something that hasn’t happened.

I find the whole thing vaguely amusing actually.

They took the “Southern Cross” off the old Georgia Flag and instead made the whole flag the “Stars and Bars”.


They fooled both blacks and whites in the State completely.

It is actually the mother of all snow jobs. :smile:

What is amusing about it is that they actually pulled such a blatant snow job with not a ******* soul noticing. :smile:

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I don’t fly government flags myself.

I will stick with my cultural flag. :smile:

Which, as you may have noticed, is my avatar. :smile:

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And Britain was trading slaves before there was either a United States or a Confederate States. Surely
St. Andrews cross based flags must go.

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Can I ask what it represents?

I like the rainbow flag representing all peoples and all of the genders…with We Are the World as the anthem (we need to stop calling it the “national” anthem…that’s too exclusive and may hurt some peoples feeling especially those without documents).

The sloped green and blue represent the rolling hills and mountains of Appalachia against the sky. The brown represents soil and a nod to our agricultural past. The white star represents the push forward to the future.

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Not so much. It was publicized at the time. Back then, those who worry a lot were only worried about the stars and bars not the Confederate Flag. They were very above board with it.

I don’t think they fooled anyone.

Out of curiosity, do you own a brass cannon? :wink:

Actually, I do :smile:

1/35th scale or something like that, but I do. :smile:

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I thought that someone who had and flew their own flag might have a brass cannon.