What A Patriot Should Do On April 18, 2019

The upshot of the Mueller investigation is that there will be no indictments of members of the Trump campaign for conspiring with Russia to influence the election.

The redacted report released today makes it clear that there were numerous contacts and questionable activities, both in the campaign and the cover-up, but using the standards applied by Mueller and then Barr – no further indictments.

We can spend the next couple of years tossing evidence back and forth. NO COLLUSION. Yes, but what about this and what about that? BUT WHAT ABOUT CLINTON? We can argue about the standards applied, but in legal terms that is water under the bridge.

The matter of Trump and his campaign’s actions will never be resolved in this forum because neither side is going to concede the matter. Continuing this array of arguments seems a waste of time because we know the outcome.

What most concerns me in what Barr released today is the further confirmation of a significant Russian effort to influence the 2016 Presidential election to assist Donald Trump.

Can we agree that happened? And if we do agree on that, doesn’t the most important question become what should we do to minimize such interference in the future.

Trump supporters should agree with this. Since they believe that the Russian interference had no impact on the outcome of 2016 election, they should be comfortable reducing such efforts going forward since Trump can win in 2020, just like he did in 2016, with no help from Russian interference.

Trump opponents should agree with this. Since they suspect the Russian influence directly helped Trump’s election, they support efforts to get the Russian thumb off the scale.

We can spend months in textual analysis and back-and-forth about the Mueller investigation but that will probably change no one’s minds.

Why not shift our focus to protecting our electoral process? To me that seems the most patriotic thing we can do this day.


I’m fine with this. To hell with Russia.


Great. I think many of us have been more than willing to believe the intelligence community and a plethora of reporting that shows Russia interfered in our election in a variety of ways and will continue to do so. We should do all we can to protect the integrity of our elections.

But the sad reality is that there is pretty much no incentive for Trump or Republican politicians to act in a way that goes against their self interest. If Russia is out there attempting to hack into Democrats and assist Republicans in elections, there is absolutely nothing I have seen to indicate current Republican leadership will do a thing to stop it.

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Let’s see the responses here before we jump to that conclusion. To stay in the patriotic theme, let’s a have a little faith in our Trump-supporting brethren. What I am asking you to do is to stop bashing Trump’s behavior in the campaign and its aftermath… in exchange for cooperation on the more important matter.

Let’s not decide cooperation is not forthcoming.

And besides, and I am speaking solely for myself, I am tired of a discussion in which no one is going to change their mind.

Yeah, the Democrats had no trouble whatsoever using Russian style election influencing in Alabama, so you can stop with only the republican ■■■■■■■■■

Would those be American Democrats? In that case you can stop with the false analogy ■■■■■■■■■ :roll_eyes:

Look at the silver linings in life. Alabama législature is introducing a bill that should tickle gun enthusiasts.

Good for them. If only more states would follow.

I knew I’d draw a smile.

So are you saying you have no problem with Russian interference in American elections?

My point in starting this thread was to ask people to get past partisan bickering and focus on what protects the United States.

If you want to start a thread to rehash the election in Alabama… please do, but this is a thread asking who wants to go beyond partisanship with regard to the findings of the Mueller investigation

So in the meantime, we are to just sit back and let this administration crap on the Constitution?

Pg 30 of the report…yes they definitely interfered. What I hear from my Mango Moose friends is that we interfere in theirs so whats good for the goose and all.

The Number 1 enemy of trump supporters is not rRussia…its the media (Fox and Infowars excluded)

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Gotcha. Apparently nobody on the left wants to get past the partisanship based on their responses so far.

You would be more credible if you hadn’t first posted your complaint about Democrats in Alabama.

I’m seeing most folks want to struggle against Americans rather than Russians. Makes me sad.

It apparent trump was associated and to some degree his staff working with the Russians. Any American who is OK with that is no American in my book!

The MOST patriotic thing anyone can do for this country is support the impeachment and removal of a man clearly unfit to be President by any measure.

Forget ideology. This has nothing to do with that. Trump is awful for this country domestically and abroad.

Call me crazy, but the Russians spending $100,000 dollars on Facebook ads is less troubling than the spying upon the opposition party during an election year.


Yeah! Let’s do something about the Mean Girls on Facebook!


Not to Mueller it isn’t.