What a jerk the suicidal man was

A jerk jumps to his death and lands on a woman. His estate should give all money and possessions to the family of the woman he murdered.

A weak jerks screws up other people.

Doesn’t it have to be on purpose to be murder?

Depraved indifference. Pretty much the same as negligent homicide or manslaughter. Regardless what you call it, he is directly responsible for her death.


What a terrible story. Close to the fiction of The Boys when ATrain runs through Hughie’s GF.

The jumper probably had huge debt and no estate.

The boyfriend will be having survivor issues.

It was murder.

More the reason for the jerks estate to go to the survivors.

Samm scores 100%.

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How awful.

Just reminds you that your life is precious and to enjoy every moment of it. You never know when or how your number is up.


Great comment DMK

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Only if he aimed at her.

But he’s dead now. Is his family now responsible?

It’s a terrible situation all around. I wish he could have found help or at least gone through assisted suicide.

Always. :wink:

Suing the estate of a deceased person for harm done due to their negligence is commonplace.
What he did is just as heinous as someone who deliberately crashes their car to commit suicide and winds up killing someone else in the process. Culpability does not require that one be alive.


Not at all.

Like Samm said, depraved indifference.

There are plenty of ways to kill oneself without endangering the lives of others.

Frankly, he would have been better going out into the woods and blowing his brains out. Least an innocent woman wouldn’t be dead had he done that.


Yep, we should legalize assisted suicide.

No disagreement from me on that one.

Humans have a right to kill themselves.

With that said, boy does that open up a real can of worms morally and possibly legally in regards to the “specialist” involved.

If we’re good at anything, its creating contracts that protect corporations from liability.

One would have to ensure there was no coercion involved. By either the person’s family or the specialist.

It would be complicated.

Yea, its a challenge… like I’d think mandatory psych eval and counseling would be required, but then that would probably lead to people being like, too much effort, and doing it their own way.

Certainly would.

It’s a conundrum. I have no issue with people offing themselves as long as they don’t put anyone in danger doing it.

I’m not sure I’m sold on society helping them do it, though.