What A Horrible Ruling

Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the majority, said that “regulating the conduct of agents at the border unquestionably has national security implications” and that any risk of undermining border security provides a “reason to hesitate.”

What a crock of horse ■■■■■ Horrible ruling. We live in a police state.

Holding that thug responsible is national security how?

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were you there?


There, duh!

were you there when the cpb officer fired the shot? do you know what he was facing?

I don’t know his story.

And now you never will. Did you not see the “reasoning”?

It doesn’t make any difference whether I was there or not, that family will not get their day in court.

should law enforcement be protected from wrongful death suits?

let be honest if this was a middle class American kid people would be screaming bloody murder.

Oh bull ■■■■■ Stop being a caricature. We are conditioned to accept this crap because they wear a costume and a badge.

LEO/Border Patrol/whatever badge they have, should be subject to the most scrutinizing standards possible when it comes to lethal force.

A “few bad apples” indeed, being protected by the rest of the damn force.


I don’t know if a cop shoot a person in Canada its national news and people are calling for investigation.
RCMP shut them down pretty fast worst law enforcement branch iv ever dealt with.

the reasoning is sound. no different than soldiers being exempt. Should a soldier be liable to civil suits for collateral deaths in war? i think not

exactly why i support rolling cpb into the coast gaurd and bringing them under DoD. protecting the border is a military mission, not a law enforcement issue

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This was a big national news story in the US when it happened.

This was not collateral damage.

To me the only issue is if he acted within policy and training guidelines.

I have a real problem with anyone being able to sue over the death of someone illegally present in the US or for illegals to be able to sue anyone in the US.

It’s both really. Once they enter illegally it’s definitely a law enforcement issue. Generally most countries at least in the west have a specific police service responsible for immigration control and use only the military to prevent incursions of foreign military actors.

It becomes a very clouded issue in the modern era because we’ve got the WOT going on and our primary threat is from terrorists.

the only thing that clouds it is we being the only advanced country on the planet for whom deporting illegal aliens is not solely an executive function.

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They aren’t soldiers.

they protect our borders. that by definition is a military mission.

They are not soldiers, they are cops.