What a Good DA Does

Is hold a violent armed robber with a $35,000.00 bond.

Twenty eight year old female thug stalks Casino winner. Stands in line behind him and uses same elevator to exit casino. Then follows him HOME and robs him at gunpoint in his own driveway. Beats him severely for good measure.

So how much money did the armed stalker thug get?


Almost below the SF shoplifting threshold. Not a typo.

Extenuating circumstance number one. This is bad, very bad for casino business. Casino is essentially an arm of the state with its sanctioned gambling. Of course they will guard this better than the Rite Aid.

How fair is that?

Extenuating circumstance number two. As scintillating as this story is…it isn’t getting much headline news. Why? See extenuating circumstance number one. Bad for the casino business. Old people with more money than sense being preyed on by opportunistic youths with nothing to lose.

Recipe for headline news.

Having a decent DA really helps too.

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The only person in western PA who thinks Steven Zapalla isn’t a corrupt political hack lol.

Compared to other metro regions?

I like me some Zapalla.

I am laughing at the story, only because she did not kill the guy over a lousy 1500.00.

Criminals are also following people home from ATM’s.



ATM’s don’t have thousands of cameras watching your every move.

ATM’s aren’t sensitive to bad publicity.

The ATM stalking is more likely to be on foot.

The casino story should be getting more air time. Cash…winning…untraceable…like bugs to a light bulb for the criminal element.


Since the 80s.

I am sure

District attorneys don’t set bail.

Neither story says anything about a $35K bond. Where is the rest of the story?

Yeah all the stories about him dropping charges against the children of his big donors, the huge investigation ten years ago about how all the government contracts in Allegheny County were being handed to his relatives and friends, I see why you like dude.

Corrupt, crooked, lies, white collar crook, that’s what you guys love now.

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I still can’t get over seeing Zapalla and “good DA” in the same sentence. Suspect held on standard bail for felony armed robbery! Backslaps all around!

That was on the WPXI newscast this AM.

When I see how bad things are in NYC, Chicago and LA, SF…

I will look past local level crony grifting every time.

No the Judge does, BUT the DA has an impact on what if any bail a judge may set. They can argue for higher bail, conversely they can also NOT argue for bail thus giving the Judge an “out” to not remand. (Yea I watched a Law and Order show once…lol).

So technically you are correct, but, they can definitely influence any decision.


Oh absolutely. The reason why I brough it up is that judges often eat a lot of crap for setting low bail etc.

That’s pretty funny considering that that the crony grifting was happening when NYC was the safest big city in the country. Oh and not a peep over this in 2020 when the crime actually started rising… I wonder why

He has been in office for over 20 years, during which time NYC, Chicago, LA and SF were setting records for dropping crime rates…

No no no, I’m sure his father being Chief Justice of the PA Supreme Court had nothing to do with it.

Who’s your favorite DA Tommy? Put up or shut up.

Let’s see if we can pick him/her apart.

Unironically? Frank Hogan.

Ironically? Charles S. Whitman, the Manhattan DA who railroaded an almost certainly innocent cop to Death Row and used it to get elected governor, just in time to deny the cop’s request for clemency.

Is that supposed to justify the â– â– â– â–  bail reforms that have made those streets lawless?

It makes me laugh at the futility and denial.



The Congressional line drawers and “emergency” election rule setters.

They handed us all Brandon and Pelosi.

Not a fan.