We're two years into Trump's term. Where is Trumpcare?

Candidate Donald Trump promised us all a better healthcare system that would be cheaper. Where is it??

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Same place the wall is.

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I want my new 10% tax cut l.

You can keep your doctor!

57 States!!!


trumpcare was implemented on day 1…

it is the best healthcare in the world…

it is so best that people are sick of being so healthy…

but no one minds because it is costing nothing…

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Obamacare: repealed day one
Hillary: arrested day one
China: named a currency manipulator day one
Wall: built
Middle class jobs: all back in the US
Corruption: eliminated
Swamp: drained
Law and order: restored.

Trump’s acolytes: blissfully ignorant

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Since you brought it up can you tell me what a corpse-man is???

Yes, a mispronunciation is certainly just as important as a boldfaced lie.


A mispronunciation! :rofl: I’m sorry I’ve got to laugh at that one, the supposed “smartest man in the world” read it off a teleprompter and “mispronounced” three times!!

The previous President set the (low) bar for lying, as in do it every time the mouth is moving! :wink:

That’s cool.

Where’s Trumpcare?

Yet Obama got his signature health care bill passed. Regardless what anyone may think about the legislation itself, he was succesful in delivering.

Where is the wall? Where is Trumpcare? Why isnt Hilary locked up or at the very least been investigated?

Please continue to deflect because thats all you have. You are incapable of addressing the questions head on which is the signature trademark of a Trump supporter.


Where is Trumpcare?

Why no Trumpcare?

It’s hiding behind that wall…that wall…no the one over there…by Mexico. The one they paid for.
What? You don’t see a wall? Exactly!


For your enjoyment. Fat donald needs to lay off the Aderall.
God Blesh Averica!


Okay, but where is Trump’s plan that covers everyone and is cheaper?

And I kept my doctor.

The heck with trump are. Where’s my jet pack.

Here…let Trum splain it to ya.

There now…that makes perfect sense…amirite?:sunglasses: