wE're NoT cOmiNg fOr YOur gUnS! WE rEsPeCt tHe 2Nd AmEndMenT!

Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said the weapons ban is not about taking away Americans’ Second Amendment rights but ensuring that children also have the right “to not get shot in school.”

Goodness I get tired of the stupidity.


Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA)

Who is that?

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA)

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I thought I recognized the accent.

This is the ■■■■ why I started this thread…the lies that libs like to tell.


Where all dem progs at?

Good bill. Won’t make it past the Senate but good effort.

The bill doesn’t even make current assault weapon owners turn their stuff in.


This bill identifies “semi-automatic” weapons. Not just the black scary looking ones. A .22 tube fed semi-automatic rifle most folks use to teach their children how to shoot or hunt small game with by their warped twisted definition would be illegal.
The crafters of this garbage intend to confiscate by any means. This is just another of the latest slick pile of printed words they hope to enact into law.
Disarmament of the citizenry is part of the authoritarian ideology. A population that cannot defend itself against a tyrannical central goobermint can be made to do anything. It’s the premise of the 2A, and these bastardi know it and are banking on enough sheeple don’t.

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It will never pass the Senate

The fact that it was attempted is enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. These are the people that swore to defend the Constitution and they are attempting to destroy it.


Don’t worry, even if by some miracle it passes the senate, you won’t get your current guns taken away. You will just lose access to some arms. Just pretend like they were never invented. Problem solved.

It scares the ■■■■ out of me that people with your mindset can vote.


It’ll never pass. They can’t even use reconciliation. It’s performative; a message bill.

Is someone coming into your house to take your gun?

I sincerely hope it doesn’t pass in the Senate, but the fact remains that the effort by the Democrats was made.

Like saying; “I may have shot at you but I missed so you shouldn’t complain.”


Without a doubt, there are Dems that want to ban guns, take guns, or worse.

I am trying to help you maintain some perspective.

As long as there is one politician, Democrat, Republican or Other, that violates their oath of office by attempting to weaken or eliminate our 2nd. Amendment rights, then I will stand vigilant against them.

You don’t let the camel put their nose in the tent. That’s good advice.

What makes an AR style rifle an “assault weapon”?


You won’t lose your current weapon.