'WE'RE BACK': Steelworker Brought to TEARS While Discussing President Trump

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/were-back-steelworker-brought-to-tears-while-discussing-president-trump/

A steelworker in Granite City, Illinois became emotional when asked to comment on the President’s pro-America speech Thursday night; breaking down into tears and thanking Trump for “fighting for us.”

The unnamed worker was asked to comment on the Commander-in-Chief’s fiery remarks as left the rally, saying “it’s just nice to know that we have someone fighting for us.”

“This guy was stopped by a reporter on his way out, and he got emotional at the idea that jobs are coming back for the folks that live in that city,” said Fox. “What is the one thing you’ll take with you from his speech today?”

“Sounds like we’re going to do good. It’s just nice to know that we have someone fighting for us, to keep our jobs. It was rough for a lot of us,” said the steelworker. “We’re back.”

So Trump tariff’s helping 800 jobs to come back at Granite City steel will likely cost 1200 jobs in Pennsylvania.

Woo Hoo!

But that is OK, the Granite City Steel workers don’t care what is lost in Pennsylvania.

They are getting theirs.

Miller said tariffs will also force NLMK to shelve planned $600 million investments in plants in Pennsylvania and Indiana, around $400 million of which was earmarked for upgrading antiquated equipment at its Farrell plant.

So how much of that $600 million in planned investments but likely to be shelved now is $600 million that would have “rippled” through the economy?

Trump should have gone to that plant in Pennsylvania as well to sell his steel tariffs, I am certain workers at that mill would have been equally apt to “tear up”.