Wells Fargo, TD Bank have already given Trump-related financial documents to Congress

“The documents that have been provided so far are a fraction of those requested by Waters, whose committee has also sent subpoenas to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Canada and Toronto-Dominion Bank and JP Morgan Chase. The Royal Bank of Canada is in the process of complying with the subpoena, according to a source. The other banks have missed the subpoena deadline of May 6.”

I honestly didn’t know that had so many subpoenas out.

When all is said and done, the American people will know if our President is beholden to foreign entities (which he has to be in some fashion since US banks learned decades ago that Donald Trump is great a financial risk). But trustworthy enough to help run the American government and run up more debt.

The tweet storm is going to be epic

Trump should have never told people that investigating his finances was his red line.

what are the odds that he’ll use childish names?

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There is a whole lot more that Trump should not have done to keep from the growing suspicion about his personal and business dealings. Early on there were a lot of us asking what he is hiding. The volume on that is now going up bigly.

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Probably most of the documents are “Loan request denied”

An Obama-appointed judge run made the ruling, and Wells Fargo made no attempt to appeal.

Translation: Wells Fargo has zero concern for their customers’ confidential banking information.

Personally I am strongly considering stopping doing business with Wells Fargo. Next time it could be the financial records of political donors or party members going to a congressional committee.

Perhaps a Senate committee should demand Obama’s or Biden’s banking records. Now that the precedent has been established there should be no objections from the banks.

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Do you think Biden or Obama would care?

Good question. Perhaps the Senate should find out.

They can go after records from the Clintons and Nancy Pelosi while they are at it. Pelosi has repeated refusedly to release her tax returns:


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IF and when she runs for President? She is speaker of the House, which is defacto an office that has national impact. If tax returns are necessary to prove integrity, she needs to release hers now.
All committee chairmen should release their financials and historical tax records, if this is a requirement of good government. It would be interesting to see how some became multi millionaires on their salaries.

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Maybe the banks lawyers said the handwriting was on the wall and it was up to the clients to go to court at this point.

Maybe some people shouldn’t be so quick to cheer this “victory”.

There is quite the list of people who should have a microscope up their financial ass as well, as already mentioned in this thread.

Pelosi is such a flaming hypocrite.

But, but, but that’s not any of your business says Pelosi and many others raking in the dough while telling the peasants what they should believe and rail against on their behalf.

Curious if every speaker of the house before her for the past 50 years has released their taxes?

What prior speakers of Presidents did or didn’t do has nothing to do with it. “Tradition” might make nice songs in musicals, it doesn’t make laws. Either releasing tax and financial information by our leaders is good or not good. If you believe it is good, why would you want to exempt our Congressional leaders?

I see ‘‘Whataboutism’’ is running ramped. Nothing like the old standbys.

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I don’t. If she said she would and then didn’t, that would bother me. Would it bother you?

The premise is whataboutism.

Premise of what???

That Nancy should release her taxes.