Well well well, look who has seen the light!

There is not much to disagree with here only to say Cuomo for all his faults ran a tight ship up until covid but that was Because of all the things you listed in your other post about him being a narcissist and all the other fun adjectives

That post is heading into a completely different ZIP code.

This isn’t complicated. Governors had the opportunity to restrict commerce in the name of public safety and they abused that opportunity.

Many of us pointed this out every day.

NOW…NY leaders lift their foot from the throat of the economy.

Right so let’s stick to the topic of the thread.

Most of you pointed out a lot of things

They didn’t abuse in the name of having the president lose the election.

You also pointed that covid will disappear after he loses. It hasn’t.

Cuomo is faced with the biggest budget deficit like ever. He also pivoted on online gambling. I wonder what’s changed. Probably Biden getting elected. Or may be…

I actually liked Cuomo before Covid, oh well, things change.

One of the lesser sons of a greater scion.

What virus? lol


Exactly right, facing a massive state budget deficit no matter who is president.
Legalize weed, sports betting, opening up businesses etc.

He didnt see the light. He saw the bottom line, which isn’t good.


Raising taxes to pay down his deficit will accelerate the “escape from NY” and he knows it no matter how much Cuomo and his brain dead brother and side kick Lemonhead blame Trump. The Prez ordered the Navy to rush the USNS Comfort out of dry dock to assist Cuomo when he was whining daily for medical support and the Army Engineers to construct hospital accommodations around NYC in the beginning weeks when the virus was ravaging NY. Cuomo did a 180 then and he’s doing it now.

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There we go, pivot to Trump. Very smooth.


Whitmer, Newsome



No he didn’t. His hospital system was big in the red before COVID.

Problem is they’re taking their stupidity with them…


Making up the narrative. I always said the restrictions would disappear, not CV19.

Like clockwork…just as the inauguration looms large.

The only item I missed was the vaccine being so effective and available. This will help Biden more than the reluctant Governors opening back up.


I did too. Still think he would be a better president than Biden or Harris.

It usually scares me when one party has the House, Senate and Presidency. But I am hopeful it will be different this time. The Dems do not have much of a majority in the house which will give moderates on both sides more power than they have had in a long time - especially if moderate dems and reps decide to actually work together. The Senate is 50/50 and there still are a few moderate dem Senators so the idea that we are going to go flying to the left is insane.

Biden will call for masks the first 100 days of his presidency.


Mostly agree. GA has me concerned moving forward. I expected Loeffler to lose and Perdue to win. Perdue just missed the 50% threshold to avoid the runoff and why do they have runoffs anyway? Something isn’t right with that process.

Redundant nonsense that won’t actually do a thing with vaccination moving along.

People that need to are already wearing masks.

A safe swampy move.

Simply not true.