Well well well, look who has seen the light!

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass – the cost is too high,” Cuomo said in his address. “We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

And why re-open now?

Without making moves now, Cuomo gravely forecast that the state would have “nothing left to open.”

No ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ !

What have conservatives been saying for months now. To bad Bidden and the liberals in the house and senate will try and bail the ■■■■■■ out.


I literally have no words.


"Without making moves now, Cuomo gravely forecast that the state would have “nothing left to open.”

And who made those decisions Cuomo, you big ■■■■■■■■

Never underestimate the stupidity.


Reality has finally slapped him in the face or so it appears.

It’s simple … Trump is out.


There’s going to be a lot of screeching about favoritism when the “reopening” is not as YOLO as conservatives envision.

Cuomo added that the plan was to use COVID-19 testing to enable the reopening of restaurants, arts centers, and theaters.

It was all about ruining Trump right up to inauguration.

Perfectly clear now…just like I called it.


Cuomo is ■■■■■■■ idiot…but you know who’s bigger idiots? Most people of NY for voting for that ■■■■■■■ over and over again.

People of New York deserve him…just like most of people in my state deserve that ■■■■■■■ Jay Inslee.


I suspect he’s going to have a tougher time next time he’s up for election.

They will reward that ■■■■■■■ just like people of Washington state rewarded Inslee.


As bad as he’s hurt people across all political lines I’m not so sure.

Now we watch Wittmer…Wolf…Newsome all follow the cue just before or just after Jan 20.

I never imagined WI or GA would vote Biden…yet here we are.

It’s not seeing the light so much as dealing with the reality of a bankrupt state.

15,000,000,000 reasons to be exact.


He’s an ignorant, self righteous, narcissistic, pompous, arrogant ass who is the largest single factor in the spread of this virus across the US.

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He is all of that except the last one.

Except of course the state of New York would have never voted for the President. Predicitony predictions!

Doesn’t matter.

Misery index was ramped to maximum anti Trump levels…economy was Trump masterpiece and those who could vandalized it.

We knew it and now the bad actors confirm it.

Goal achieved President Biden is 8 days away.

But for covid he wins in a landslide. He would have won in a landslide even with covid but that’s a topic for a different thread.

The part i want to address is you guys blaming other people out of one corner of the mouth while acknowledging that the president is his own worst enemy out of the other.

The masterpiece comment though is of course just the kind of hyperbole i have come to know and love. The economy was doing great snd not despite him. However that kind of a comment is just beyond reason.

After witnessing both DeBlasio and Cuomo, it really doesn’t say much for the IQ of NYC voters. They’ve made their bed and now that it’s all ■■■■■■ up, they’re moving elsewhere.