Well well well look at this

And seagulls

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This is going to continue until someone decides to be an actual leader. Both sides have said many inflammatory and violence provoking things. Until someone prominent on either side decides to actually be a leader, and apologize for being a part of this mess, nothing will change. If someone, be it Trump, Clinton, Waters, etc. would come out and say that they recognize that they indeed are part of the problem and promise to do better, maybe that would push the opposite side to recognize that it would help the country as a whole and do the same thing. In my opinion, that is going to be the only way to break the cycle.

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True, but they don’t need glocks…they just crap on you.

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How do you suggest people get back to civility if they were not taught respect for themselves or others to begin with?

You’re going to have to go back to responsible parenting, teaching morals and values and personal responsibility.

Frankly, I don’t see that happening.


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The NY times is a branch of the DNC. Anything to damage Trump will be printed. It doesn’t have to be true.

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Leadership though apology invokes change?

Soros! “It doesn’t have to be true” is what trump tells himself before every speech.

Nah, on second thought, screw it. Just keep blaming the other side. I’m sure that will work any minute now.

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Well… the story referred to isn’t true because it is a work of fiction.

The issue is if the NYT should have published this fiction.

I think it was dumb of them to do so.

What a bunch of BS…I am talking about 50, 60 and 70 year old politicians, journalists, bloggers people like you and me. I am guessing by your response you believe you were taught how to be civil. I believe I was. Yet why is there such incivility?

“Under fire” from Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Who cares?

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Perhaps you can answer that better than I can.

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Lol @ this op. EVERYONE in this thread has condemned stupidity… but he can’t condemn stupidity by people with whom he associates.

Domino’s Pizza, which was trading around $10/share when it released its apology ad campaign, today trades at around $260/share.

They basically said our product sucks, and we’ll do better.

So - a well-crafted apology can help turn things around, but it requires acceptance that something wrong was done. If the blowhards apologized for blowing hard, the neckbeards and mouth breathers who support them would get annoyed.

I agree.


Body slam = murder

And it was hardly a real body slam. It was rough house wrestling like brothers do. Or high school wrestling.

But to libs… it is equivalent to murder.

Easy call times screwed up.


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Dumb idea to print something like that at this time - or any time. They should apologize.


It’s fiction but at a time when someone is sending bombs, people beating each other in the street, politicians more or less urging violence and a 1/3rd of U.S. voters thinking we are closing in on a second civil war.

It’s questionable timing in a turbulent time and pretty much garbage considering the NYT’s long reporting history. I would like to think this is beneath them.