Well this makes sense

It appears those who don’t believe in religion…or not very religious, not married or don’t work or less likely to work voted for Biden by large margin.

Why am I not surprised?

It’s why libs wanted to ban/destroy religion and replace it with state…marriage and depended on government handouts.


No, they don’t.


Jomessiah has reached the mountaintop and is leading us to the Promised Land.
That’s all the religion we need.

oh goodie. I was wondering when Trumpublicans were going to start caring about religion and marriage again.


That commentary link is not slanted at all.

“For some persons who might already be home all day, alone in the world and without meaningful company, lockdown measures might be of little consequence, so long as liquor stores remain open and cat food is widely available, one could assume.”


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Well, hell, of course Trumpists beat out Biden voters in marriage.

With Trump alone, they got a three marriage head start. I’ve only been married once. And my offspring are by the same woman.

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Also from that survey, those earning over $100,000 went for Trump. Those under $100,000 went for Biden.

And still according to that poll, 46% of married people voted for Biden.

And also according to that exit poll, people with children under the age of 18 broke for Biden.

Proof that kids drive their parents crazy. :wink:

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Exit polling this year is flawed because a large majority of Democrats votes by mail.

Or were made up ballots.


Wait - these conclusions were based on polling? Well, we see what happened with polling in the 2016 and 2020 elections.


“The exit poll was conducted at a probability sample of polling places to reach Election Day voters as well
as absentee and/or early voters interviewed by telephone and early voters interviewed using an in-person
exit poll in some states. Absentee or early voters were asked the same questions asked of voters at the
polling place on Election Day.”

Well that went over like a Trump in church.


Yes flawed

@JayJay I just realized who your avatar is - Johnny Fever!

Yeah, it’s dubious. Nefarious, even.

I wonder what the conversation would be if Kamala Harris had 5 kids with three different baby daddies.


I don’t.

Wonder, that is.

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