Well the wall is actually getting built

No not that one…The one around the White House :roll_eyes:. I’m noticing a theme here…Ol’ Donnie sure does like walls doesn’t he…lol. On a side note… Cons like to accuse Biden of 'Hiding in his bunker/basement"…Pot meet kettle

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Can’t wait for Joe to “Tear down that wall!”

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Ronald Reagan style?

So is the other wall.

Miles Built: 222

Sometimes it helps to actually read articles before posting them.

Under plans that pre-date Donald Trump’s administration, the White House will upgrade all permitter steel fencing with new 13-foot “anti-climb” fences.

This upgrade was planned, approved, and funded by the last administration.

He was just inspecting that bunker, not hiding at all.

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In almost 4 years? Almost glacial-like progress.

Not really considering it was tied up in the courts by democrats for over two years.

Was that because Trump lied when he said that Mexico would pay for the wall?

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No, it’s because democrats tied it up in court for more than 2 years.

Try reading what’s already been written.

If Mexico provided the funds to build the wall as Trump said they would how were the Democrats able to tie it up in court for more that 2 years?

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Tell us how if Mexico did pay stop the environmental lawsuits?

The main cases all related to EI and ED, not funding.

It would be helpful perhaps if you knew something about the subject you express such expertise on.

It wasn’t a lie, he just wasn’t able to get it done with no cooperation from congress.

Did you reply to the correct post? I just asked how he thought Mexico paying for it would have prevented the environmental lawsuits.

Do you feel the same about…'You can keep your doctor" …Obviously he wanted that, but couldn’t get it done.

Just playing off of your ball… .

Why would I? It was a provable lie from the start when Obama made the claim and he later had to admit it.

ah, got it

Trump lied when he said that Mexico would pay for the wall. It was and continues to be demonstrably a lie.