Well that’s ironic

My niece posts to facebook that she would like everyone to donate to Planned Parenthood for her birthday because she believes in their mission.

Do you think I should tell her how close she came to being an aborted fetus?


I think you should.

What could go wrong?

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Oh you know what would go wrong, every lefty in the families head would explode. They can be like that about the truth.

No, I think you should wait to bring it up at the Thanksgiving table instead. Everyone will have a hearty chuckle.


To be clear, my niece is an adult, not a child.

Maybe she’s not talking about abortion specifically but PP’s broader mission statement. Abortion gets all the headlines but it’s only a small part of what they do.

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Well… it seems like that is the response that you want.

Go for it!

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Obviously not, had I wanted that reaction I would have spilled the beans, I haven’t and I won’t. I just thought it makes for an interesting discussion topic. Like maybe we could discuss why it is that the plain truth would upset all the liberals in my family?

I mean she should be able to figure it out herself, she knows the circumstances, her mother and my brother in law barely knew each other when she got pregnant, luckily they fell in love later, her mother is liberal pro-choice and did not have a career. What does she think would have happened if they didn’t?

None of my business but pointed political arguments within family rarely end well.

Again, not seeking advice, more seeking a discussion of how society got to the point where young ladies who barely escaped abortion end up shilling for the purveyors of same. And how pointing that out would result in multiple head explosions.


I’m curious… what type of reaction are you expecting?

My mom was Pregnant with me in HS. She told me flat out that she considered aborting me because she didn’t want to tell her devotedly religious mother. To the point that she gather money to take a bus to NY to get the procedure done.

I simply told her…. “Well although I’m glad you didn’t now that I am fully aware of my existence… but if you did make that decision… I wouldn’t have known otherwise”

I didn’t judge her for it… of course I’m biased and think she made the right decision. But I also understand that keeping me resulted in a strained relationship with her family… to the point where they didn’t speak and poverty.

I asked her would she have made the decision to abort if she knew the consequences she would face… she said “I don’t know”

I felt that…


Maybe she has figured it out and still supports PP for various reasons. You might be surprised.

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Maybe but the discussion can’t be had without major drama, so no way of knowing.

You could talk to her parents about it privately first. Maybe they would tell you to go for it, or maybe they would say that she already knows they considered abortion. Or maybe they would try to stab you with the turkey fork. Either way, it sounds like a fun holiday.


That she would support it despite barely escaping with her life sounds plausible to me. I think that is very strange myself. Like someone who lived through whooping cough as an infant being a fan of whooping cough or something.

Maybe we are the surrogate family giving the reaction?

Maybe the dopamine hit of making people upset is what really matters?

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Are you upset? Sorry about that, not my intent. My intent was a reasonable discussion on the subject. Try breathing exercises. Thought perhaps the discussion was better had anonymously with people not so emotionally involved.

Nah… I think that it is funny.

You should totally do it.

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Or… someone who had whooping cough as an infant being EMPATHETIC to some dealing with whooping cough today?

Your use of “fan” is disingenuous

People are weird, I don’t understand most of them. And like I said, maybe she supports PP for other reasons. Maybe that’s the angle to take. Ask her why she supports them before deciding if you want to talk to her about her personal situation.