Well that didn't play out very well for crazy lunatics on our extreme left

We should count ourselves lucky that the vertical corpse now residing in the white house lacks the cognitive abilities to employ the authority his devout followers wish to bestow upon him.

He wouldn’t have had to “bring him back.”. All he had to do was try him for his alleged crimes. Once tried and convicted (presumably,) sentence could be passed and carried out accordingly.

No … Unless he is a Citizen too. Then he’s just like any other criminal Citizen.

Yeah … Except for that pesky unconstitutional part.

Where would that trial be held?

Probably in Washington D.C., but I assume most any Federal Court could suffice.

Google “trial in absentia.”

I think we’re in the wrong thread.

I saw “lunatics” and…

But, speaking of said article…

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Justice Thomas raised crucial question about legitimacy of special counsel’s prosecution of Trump


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas raised a question Thursday that goes to the heart of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s charges against former President Donald Trump.

The high court was considering Trump’s argument that he is immune from prosecution for actions he took while president, but another issue is whether Smith and the Office of Special Counsel have the authority to bring charges at all.

“Did you, in this litigation, challenge the appointment of special counsel?” Thomas asked Trump attorney John Sauer on Thursday during a nearly three-hour session at the Supreme Court.

Federal prosecutions, “can be taken only by persons properly appointed as federal officers to properly created federal offices,” Meese and Mukasey argued. "But neither Smith nor the position of special counsel under which he purportedly acts meets those criteria. He wields tremendous power, effectively answerable to no one, by design. And that is a serious problem for the rule of law — whatever one may think of former President Trump or the conduct on January 6, 2021, that Smith challenges in the underlying case."

Smith was a private citizen when Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed him as special counsel to investigate Trump in 2022.

Garland sits there acting all innocent when questioned by the House Committee. :triumph:


The law that gives the power to appoint a Special Counsel states that they shall be selected from outside the United States Government.

It’s amazing that when it is the special boy, Donald J Trump, that all of a sudden these concerns are brought up.