Well, managed to dig out and reach my new abodes in North Carolina

As you may have heard, there was a rather heavy snow event up the length of the Appalachians, including in northwest North Carolina. Delayed my trip down there a couple of days and once I got down there, had to utilize snow chains to reach my property. Most of the roads out in that portion of the county were still in bad shape and the road that goes up to my property is a service road that is only lightly maintained in winter. Had to snow shoe over to what will be the building site. Looks very beautiful under a blanket of snow, but I can definitely see some adventures ahead when we live here full time. It is above 2,000 ft here, so the snow clears out considerably slower than what it does over in Mount Airy.

Anyhow, heading out to hunt tomorrow, not here but at a friend’s property nearby. Going to donate whatever I bag. Looking forward to it.

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Good luck on the hunt!

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Thanks, I will probably need it. :smile:

Turns out I did not.

I was out there less than 10 minutes when I had one come into range, It was raining very heavily at the time with a fair breeze going. I got a perfect shot and instant kill. 10 points, 150 pounds dressed weight. Got it dressed and down to the deer processor for donation, so some homeless guys will be having venison fairly soon. :smile:

The rain is clearing out the snow pretty fast and it will be raining tomorrow and I plan to be back out in that rain.

This part of North Carolina has the highest concentration of deer per square mile in the State and I am hunting on private land with no nearby publicly accessible land, so life is good. :smile:

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Well done.

Good luck with your move!

It will be at least another decade before we move down here as our primary residence. Starting next year, we will be down for part of the winter. And for other short periods. But for the time being Pennsylvania remains our primary residence.

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Another rainy day, another successful hunt. I was out a little less than an hour this morning. 8 points, about 130 pounds dressed. Got it down to the deer processors for donation then went up to my own property. The heavy rain has cleared out the snow so actually got to take a look for the first time at my spring water setup, which was tapped a few weeks ago. Nice, tasty pure water. I will need only a bare minimum of processing at the house for tap water. Another day down here then back to Pennsylvania.


Nice! Please keep doing the updates for us!

Done with hunting for this trip. Going to over Dobson and Mount Airy tomorrow to check on purchasing arrangements for construction materials, then probably just take it easy for a while before I head back. Not too much more to tell right now. :smile:

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I do need the relaxation. Hoofing 150 pounds one day and 130 pounds the next day about a quarter of a mile through rain and mud was not fun. :smile:

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