Well it does seem democrat party is for sale

If you have enough billions to can buy the presidency, buy your own senate and congress to push your agenda and and do your bidding…coastal snob will love em for it.

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Yes it is and so is the GW movement. Bloomers donated $10 Billion dollars to GW and buy scientists who will say anything he wants them to say! :roll_eyes:

Bloomberg. He already donated 10 million to house democrats or something like that in Dec. And if he gets nomination I expect he will donate and hundreds of more millions to help them in 2020.

Basically…Bloomberg is buying your party.

How you like that libs?

I’ve been told that donating money to politicians is protected as speech under the First Amendment.

Did something change while I wasn’t paying attention?


All I’ve got to say

So what?

I was told libs were against all this…did something changed?

Wow. This notion of money flooding politics must be some new sort of liberal plot!

I assume you’ve never heard about this before so start by googling “Citizens United.”

Then Google the Koch Brothers and ask yourself how a totally unqualified Gordon Sondland was chosen by Donald Trump to be Ambassador to the EU.

All US politics is for sale my friend. Wake up.

I think it’s funny as hell…libs lecture us about rich billionaires getting richer and richer buying off politicians…and here they are. Entire democrat party is for sale. And your buying is Nanny Bloomberg. It can’t get any funnier hen that.

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Knock yourself out…just remember who butters your bread.

Are you suggest politican would refuse free money

So what?

Bloomberg sucks.

I have had the pleasure of voting against him three times.


The oligarchy is real.


Are you suggest lib make it illegal for rich people to donate money

A lot of people on the lft greatly dislike the dnc and if Bloomberg win likely will be the death of it

I live out west young man…

Yep. Bloomberg is not liked at all.

We will see how he does after the debate.

His big hail mary is Super Tuesday. That is his one big shot to get delegates.

So we will see what happens.

So… I am not sure what the complaint is.

No one here is rallying around Bloomberg. Most of us think that he is pretty terrible and it has even been said that if he gets the nod then the support from the liberal wing of the Democrats fades… which is highly likely.

It seems to me that one of Trump’s greater chances of winning is against Bloomberg.

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The wrong politician was the one giving the money apparently. When it was billionaires like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Addelson, or even Donald Trump then no big deal. But when it is a billionaire who seeks to not only defeat Trump, but also to defeat every single last Republican who has become complicit in the Trump era and Trumpism, then it is suddenly a bridge too far. Can’t anger the King!