Well I got news for Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas

Your party created em, your party allowed hardcore socialist to thrive within your party. Your party has gave them a wink and nod when they pushed radical socialist ideas. Your party in effect allowed them to become defacto leaders of democrat party.

And now you’re complaining? What did you expect? They’re authoritarians. Bitching about them isn’t going to change anything, it’s to late.

“They’re socialists and they want to impose their vision to Texas and we certainly know that in Texas our vision is very different from … what I call these Justice Democrats, which are really socialists. They’re not really Democrats.”

I disagree…democrat party is socialist party. They’re one and the same.

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how are they the defactor leaders of DNC do they control funding?
Cuellar is still part of the D party if they are the leaders why don’t they kick him out?

They don’t seem to have any real power in the DNC they do have big mouths and twitter following but that isn’t much. what are they going to do pool together their weekly allowance to run a candidate in Texas… scary

You wanna talk about control over a party. Justin Trudeau had two party member kicked out of the caucus for publicly bashing him.

Conan, Still trying to create something where nothing exist. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And you obviously still don’t know what the definition of socialism is.


The first, oldest, and most successful socialist government is the United States of America.

Socialist versus Capitalist, Left versus Right. These are yesterdays major political categories. In this era the great battle is between Globalist versus Nationalist. Globalists are pitting sections of both the Left and the Right, and sections of both Socialism/Communism and Capitalism against one another, to manipulate populations towards escaping the ensuing chaos by willingly surrendering themselves to a global government run by moneyed technocrats.

Trump is shaking the globalist fleas off the pony and the elephant.


Define Globalist.

Like … who is in charge and such?

Please define what you think socialism is. I would like to know what it is that gets you so worked up.

Canada, we control everything.

The four lib horsewomen…leading in their new form of government. Keep it up ladies. Trump needs the help.

Moneyed technocrats.

He said so.

Trump is the dung that drops from the elephants.

Well said indeed.

Not my cup of tea. I enjoy our freedoms too much.

Israel is pretty darn Socialist and they seem to be doing quite well for themselves.

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It’s all about socialism and big government ideology.

That is why Trump told Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to leave the country and go back where they came from.

Oh wait…

Something tells me Henry Cuellar won’t be reading this - lol.

Globalist want to bring the world of independent nations under one overarching governing body which will regulate societies to behave how the globalists think they should. Globalists control much of the world’s finances and don’t need a vast world population to provide them with what they need for their lives of luxury, so they advocate for population reduction. They don’t want to have to waste the resources they control on keeping populations that are of no use to them fed, clothed, housed and entertained. Globalists foment divisions between demographics in order to reduce populations via violence and also to create a belief that “them and us” thinking is causing chaos and a much greater international or supranational army of peacekeepers is needed to bring order to the globe.

I still have no idea how this applies to someone like Elizabeth Warren. I mean, I just want a ■■■■■■■ modern health care system for ■■■■■ sake.

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What would a Globalist version of a social safety net look like as opposed to a Nationalist one?

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Non-Americans, including illegal immigrants, would be just as entitled to US funded health care as US citizens and this global universality of US health care would be used to compromise national borders.

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