Welcome to the NHL, Seattle

It’s now official.

The NHL is heading to Seattle.

The owners voted to award an NHL franchise to Seattle. They will start playing in the 2021-22 season.

I hope one day the city will get a NBA team again.

Of the potential names I’ve heard I’m hoping for the Seattle Kraken.

RELEASE THE KRAKEN as a sports chant would just be awesome.

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Seattle is a very gay town not sure hockey will go over well

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I have no idea how many cities already have an NHL franchise, but considering it includes such winter cities as Las Vegas, Tampa and Los Angeles, I’m going to guess around 50.

Was hoping for another team in Ontario because Leaf ticket are expansive, but Seattle is a great sport town you will get a lot of west coast Canadians at the games too.

You will get tons of people from BC driving in to watch the games because of how expensive ticket to the Canucks are

Why would they bother? Can’t they watch the games on TV for free? Plus there is that big exchange rate between the two countries.

They will likely go to watch them play other Canadian teams, when the Blue Jays play Mariners there are more Blue Jay fans then Mariners fans.

Yeah, but there is no MLB team in Vancouver as far as I know. The only Canadian team is Toronto.

Tickets for hockey in Vancouver are expensive as hell, I can see a lot of people trading a few hours in the car for cheaper hockey.

It makes no sense that Canadians would go to Seattle games instead of Vancouver. How would the tickets be any cheaper, especially factoring the exchange rate? Then there is gas, food and of course a few hours of travel time.

You think they are going to be a bargain in Seattle, especially since Canadians will have to pay more due to their low dollar?

Try to buy tickets for a packers game at Lambeau field
Then try to buy tickets for a packers game at literally any other stadium.

Then you will know.


Five Happiest Cities in America

  1. Seattle, Washington

“Fresh air, a temperate climate and bright evergreens are keys to happy living in this Pacific Northwest metropolis.”

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a good seat at a Vancouver game is 300$ +

You can drive a few hours and get the same seating at a hockey game for like 200$ less, most people will do it. good seat at a Vancouver game is 300$ + American.

Is it a bargain on other cities?