Welcome Back to Everyone Who Was on the Naughty List

I think it is fantastic that the new forum is welcoming both new and old faces, especially those who for whatever reason ended up on the naughty list :grinning:

This has made me wonder if anyone has yet claimed the dubious honor of being the first to be banned from our new home?

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i got a Time Out. i think i was the first but not sure.

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I’ve already gotten two.

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Yes, there have been several ban’s (beyond the silence we can do) in the new place. The welcomed back old users are on double secret probation :smiley:

Hold my beer and watch this…


Sounds like a learning opportunity.

Kind of makes me wish some of the older members who hadn’t been at the old forum for a long time would come back.

Good to see the mods doing their best to get maximum participation. The forum appreciates it.

I do think the use of a time out for a first offence is better than an outright ban. The mods over the past few years have been good at not bringing down the ban hammer on every infraction.

I just got a message from the mods about one of my posts yesterday. There was a time on the old forum when I would have logged in and found myself banned so I personally appreciate that they give a bit of a latitude.Reading their message made me feel like I had been scolded by my mum :grinning: but it got the point across to me.

Once the edit button comes back, we have the option of hiding your post and sending you an automated message to edit. If that fails then we can delete it.

So far the silencing for a day has had a good (or mostly so) effect. When we silence someone, they can log in, they can read the board, but it won’t let them post anything. I hear that can be rather maddening :smiley: