Weaponizing the DOJ?

Isn’t/wasn’t that one of Cons favorite talking points? Funny haven’t seen any complaints from them on this operation…

"The announcement came after Democratic Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell confirmed that Trump-era DOJ officials secretly seized their Apple phone data as well as that of 10 or so other House Intelligence Committee members and their relatives.

The subpoena, which Apple received in early 2018, appeared to have cast a wide net, seeking data on more than 100 phone numbers and email addresses, according to the company. It also included a gag order that, for three years, prevented Apple from telling lawmakers their data had been seized."

This is not going to pan out the way people think it will.

It’s bad. But it’s a leak investigation. Everybody does it. It’s not a scandal. It’s reality, which is probably worse


Name one POTUS that has NOT used the AG or DOJ in his own interests.

My memory only goes back to Nixon.
He certainly used John Mitchell.

Other accused of breaking laws for their boss…Ed Meece, Barr(2), Holder, Lynch, Reno, Ashcroft. :us::elephant:

Listening to the USA today about Trump after having printing hundreds of phony stories over the last decade seems like a lack of ability to learn. We just had the Lafayette park story refuted. Please wait three years for any stories from AP, ABC, The Hill, CNN, CBS, NBC,MSNBC, Reuters and the rest…

All proven as liars or fools.


You forget the “and” likelihood.

Well the fact they targeted family members this time is an escalation.

And included lawmakers that were likely not in a position to leak anything.

But you’re right- this will go nowhere.

But it’ll be yet another reason good people don’t go into politics anymore.

Wait are you telling me trump didn’t didn’t constantly attack Obama for golfing on military courses and vacations, Clintons for funneling government money into their foundation then spend his entire presidency funneling tens of millions of dollars of government money into his own businesses by forcing it too be spent at his properties :rofl: imagine if Obama opened his own hotel then stayed at it so he could funnel millions from taxpayers into his own pockets.
The 4 years of constant dishonesty and hypocrisy wasn’t reality?:rofl:

No wait! That’s not it, it’s just Trumpys trying to make excuses for Trump’s idiotic tonedeaf choices band blame them on some one else.

I just googled layette park to figure out what this important revelation was and it turns out maybe trump didn’t tell the police to clear the protesters for a photo op? It was already apperently planned in advance and bar asked the head of the police involved if the protesters would still be there when Trump went?

Why is this important? How does it change how stupid the entire thing looked?

What does that have to do with much of the left still believing the “News” orgs that have been proven to lie to them over and over? Trump was right about the Virus. He was right about collusion. And Nancy turned down the guard on Sept 6. Try to learn from being fooled by the press…

What? (LMAO) Trump could have made lots more money not being president… Obviously!

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His not getting substantially richer in office, unlike so many other politicians on both sides of the isle who seem most upset at him, proves he was corrupt! :wink:

Yes, dems always attack others for what they do… Pelosi loves insider trading.

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Schiff and Eric Swalwell needed to be looked into.

IIRC her family net worth was supposed to have nearly doubled twice in a 10 year period.

That said, Republicans have ponied up to that bar too.

Now even if insider trading is technically out they apparently changed the rules so those who might know, staffers etc, shouldn’t inform on them.

The Mafia probably wishes they could protect each other the way government types do.

Oh yea…he has a great track record as a businessman…:roll_eyes:…lol

He has taken chances and he’s smart enough to limit his own exposure on the down side.

Never became a millionaire the way the Hunt brothers did.

And I thought this was going to be an honest OP about how all administrations weaponize the DOJ. Imagine my surprise when the OP seemed to imply this never happened before until Trump.

OK so I wasn’t really surprised. :rofl:

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I remember joking that Nixon had and enemies list while Obama used his.


No…The point of the OP was about Cons history of crying about weaponizing the DOJ, and yet, not a peep about this…Hypocrisy from the Right…Imagine my surprise.

Why would conservatives jump on something that is pretty much standard practice with each administration??? Why would you even think that they would??? :confused:

So all the crying about Obama doing it was just whining and fake outrage then? Thanks for admitting it…lol. :sweat_smile:

Not at all. DEMs denied Obama would stoop to something like that. Scandal free and squeaky clean was Obama’s administration. :rofl:

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